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Especiales y Promociones

¡Ahorre dinero y siga revisando! Encontrará promociones y especiales para nuevos clientes, vacaciones, especiales de la industria de servicios y para mejorar la accesibilidad financiera.

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  •  Thriving with Marginalized Identity, Chronic Illness, Disability, Trauma, or Neurodivergence
    Acknowledging effects of social stigma or oppressive forces to self-liberate Identity exploration, connection, expression, and liberation Creating adaptive plans for functional, accessible daily systems and increasing accessibility in any area of life Discovering and utilizing unique, community specific resources Finding paths to self empowerment despite external circumstance A safe place to acknowledge the effects of generational, systemic, or personal traumas and find a path forward Exploring ways to integrate or let go of trauma to create connection with the present moment Creating wellness plans specific to community-relevant needs
  • Interpersonal Relationships and Social Wellbeing
    Building interpersonal and communication skills for thriving friendships and relationships Skill building for keeping long term relationships healthy Support while exiting an unhealthy relationship (romantic, familial, or platonic) Optimizing non-traditional family dynamics during or after a divorce Healing and thriving as a child of a non-traditional family structure Navigating the unique dynamics of intercultural family and romantic relationships Navigating conflict or difficulty in a friendship or romantic relationship Navigating or optimizing a polyamorous or ethically non-monogamous dynamic Connecting with and expressing an authentic sense of personal identity to build genuine connections with others Using loneliness as a catalyst to explore different types of connection
  • Accessible Health, Fitness, and Wellness
    Exploring and establishing accessible fitness and physical health related goals Establishing actionable routines for movement, lifestyle, food, health and wellness care Exploring mindsets around body image to mend the relationship with your physical being Exploring mindsets around food to mend your relationship with physical nourishment Exploring access methods to healthcare, wellness, cultural and traditional health systems, and alternative healthcare services Re-establishing a safe space for care after mistreatment from the medical system Tools for advocacy and self-advocacy in the medical system
  • Meditation or Mind-Body Therapeutics
    Exploring mind-body interactions Using physical sensations to process and move forward from past events or trapped emotions Exploring different meditation techniques or adaptations that work for you Exploring your inner world Learning how to meditate or new ways to meditate Wanting to learn how to separate thoughts from self, being the observer Seeking techniques to slow racing thoughts, declutter, or reset your mind Seeking a deeper state of meditation
  • Life Coaching
    Finding clarity, purpose, or direction when feeling lost Exploring and recovering authentic identity in all facets of self Connecting with your inner voice and self-guidance Wanting to reconnect with yourself, your feelings, and the world around you Finding or understanding your needs and goals Seeking assistance making a goal happen Finding your version of a balanced life Discovering resources or tools to implement the next step in life Facing life transitions, changes, or challenges Improving social connectedness Seeking new ways to interact with yourself, environment, and others Using individual strengths and beliefs as life tools Rebuilding spiritual connection when experiencing a spiritual crisis
  • Behavioral and Emotional Wellbeing
    Tailored and realistic stress management Recovering from burnout and overwhelm Creating space to feel and express difficult emotions Connecting with safety, feeling heard and understood Strengthening resilience Exploring your relationship with a mental health diagnosis (note: this applies to diagnoses already received elsewhere, we do not diagnose) Incorporating your mental health into personalized goals to thrive Exploring a variety of mental and emotional health tools from around the world Building genuine, maintained self-compassion over time Integrating challenges and painful emotions into a step forward Autonomous behavioral changes, making new habits or mindsets stick Exploring new mindsets and perspectives, shifting those which hold you back Eliminating addictions via self exploration and creating manageable self-sustained changes
  • Holistic Wellness Plan Development
    Analysis and exploration of life systems: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual (optional), Environmental, Social, and Recreational Implementing whole-self care that preserves your autonomy and choices Exploring various different healing tools and perspectives on health and wellness Finding resources to navigate both Eastern and Western healthcare systems and build a care team Building a multi-dimensional, true self-care routine
  • Gender
    I openly disclose that I was assigned female at birth. For me personally, it is a key part to my journey, and it helps many of my clients who were also born female to feel understood in some of the very unique problems for this demographic. In recent years, I am generally perceived as a feminine male since I've reached an expression of gender in my body that is personally authentic. Living this way for almost the last decade, I use this side of myself and my experiences to relate to my male clients, navigating the elements of their masculinity they'd like to embrace, and shedding those which have caused themselves or others harm. You may notice I have a very ambiguous appearance as I choose to remain free of expectations regarding the perception of my gender. Both ends of the gender spectrum play an important role in my life and client interactions. When referring to me, simply use "he" or "they". ​ For other LGBTQ+, trans, nonbinary, or non cisgender identifying clients, I'm happy to assist as you embark on your exploration of the complexity of gender identity. I'm happy to explore the nuances of self, safety, and everything that comes along the path to personal authenticity for those of us who are not given simplicity in our options. ​ Whether my clients identify strongly with the gender they were born with or they don't, I'm happy to provide a neutral space for you to explore the elements of femininity, masculinity, or the absence of the two that feels right for you. With the rigid boxes social expectations place around us, every person has the opportunity to benefit from exploring their relationship with their self, their body, their varying cultural views of gender, and their roles in the world.
  • Mental and Physical Illness or Disability
    ​I've interacted with varying degrees of ability and disability within myself and close loved ones. This aspect of my life has led me to explore empowerment and autonomy from the inside out, while simultaneously holding space for the difficulties that can be caused by a non-typical body and/or mind. Whether you find yourself questioning your level of ability, identify as disabled, or are fully able bodied, embodiment and the ability to affirm difficulty while harnessing your strengths creates an environment of self trust, understanding capacity, and creating limitless growth in all possible facets.
  • Relationships and Interpersonal Wellness
    I have experience in flourishing long term romantic relationships and friendships, as well as complex or non-traditional family systems, with complete realism to the ups and downs of human interaction and imperfection. When it comes to families, I know that the tree can span a mile- I'm one of 5 half siblings. I'm passionate about walking alongside my clients as they find their path to thriving interpersonally. Many clients opt to discuss navigating a rough path in a relationship, the end of a relationship, navigating unique cultural or intercultural nuances with loved ones,or struggling socially in general. Sometimes relationships need a different approach to communication, a refresh, or a period of self-exploration and curiosity amongst the individuals involved. Other times, letting go is best. I enjoy holding a true neutral space in which clients can determine what is best for them and their own friendships, family relations, and romantic partnerships, while assisting them in new and creative ways to interact. I'm happy to provide space for those who need to discuss these social aspects of their lives, as well as those who are part of alternative or complex lifestyles and relationship dynamics.
  • Package Upgrade: +15 Minutes Nest and Nap $10
    Add an additional 15 minutes to the Nest and Nap time at the end of your package for $10. Can be applied to the following packages: Dusk to Dawn Voyage to Yourself Re-Vitalizing Refuge Your Own Sanctuary
  • Package Upgrade: Simple to Renewing Body Polish $35
    (Upgrades Simple Body Polish to Renewing Body Polish for packages that include it) Add 30 minutes onto your package. Include steam thermotherapy, an herbal green tea mud mask for the back, as well as hand and foot paraffin treatments during the body scrub portion of your spa package. ~Save $5
  • Package Upgrade: Lymphatic, Digestion, and Breathing Enhancements $15
    Add the following enhancements to your Retreat or Package service for the utmost clinical benefit: Lymphatic Invigoration Rest and Digest Breathe Easy Upgrade Cost: $15 (+15 minutes), Save $5
  • One-on-One Live Guided Meditation, or Meditation Coaching
    ​Beginner to advanced options available. Meditation topics include... Letting go Intentional detachment from thoughts or events Reconnection with self Identity exploration Chakra system healing Cleansing or clarity Ancestral connection or healing Inner child connection Healing spiritual trauma General mindfulness ...and more ​ New to meditating? Or you've tried it but think you're "bad" at it? In oversimplified mindfulness classes, we're often taught that we need to clear our mind to meditate, but the thoughts just won't turn off. We'll walk you through ways to drop the war with your thoughts and start your path to meditation in a way that works for you.
  • Customized Self-Bodywork and Home Body Care Routines
    Collaborate with a licensed medical massage therapist to figure out personalized ways to take care of your (or a loved one's) pain, chronic illness, tension, or stress-related ailments at home. Follow along with guided techniques for massage, pressure points, hot and cold therapies, therapeutic movement, or create a plan to utilize regularly on your own time. Note: This is a collaborative effort using the knowledge and in-depth anatomical training of a massage therapist, but it does not constitute nor substitute medical advice.
  • Somatic (Body-Mind) Healing
    Based in both meditation and neuroscience. Body-centered, guided exploration of the sensations that you're experiencing to aid in pain regulation, body-based emotional processing and trauma healing, and psychosomatic sensations. Works for sensations of either physical or mental origins.
  • Reiki & Other Energy Work
    Traditional distance Reiki healing for physical emotional ailments, and/or other forms of distance energy work, healing, or analysis (eg. aura, chakra, ancestral work, etc).
  • Coaching for Behavioral Health, Life, Wellness, and more
    Any of the in-person coaching services are also able to be completed virtually. We work with individuals on creating momentum in the following... Behavioral Health Holistic (both Western and Eastern) Medical Care Planning Neurodivergent Living Marginalized Identity Work and Liberation Accessible Fitness Physical Health Goalsetting Relationship with the Body Overcoming Trauma Chronic Illness and Disability Relationships (romantic, platonic, familial) Social and Environmental Factors to Wellbeing ...and more Each session is customized to your needs. For details on our coaching services, please visit the following educational page.
  • Education and Professional Quality
    As mentioned, training for therapists requires licensure and degrees in psychology and mental health. Coaches, on the other hand, can be trained in multitude of areas (financial, health and wellness, relationships, life experience, meditation, etc). But it is a non-licensed field. Meaning technically, anyone can call themselves a coach without seeking quality education. Coaching itself is the skillset we use to walk with clients on their journeys. The experience and knowledge we have in our chosen fields comes (mostly) independently of our coaching training. So the choice of the person you choose as a coach may depend strongly on their individual studies, areas of expertise, lived experience, etc. As with all fields we have some bad eggs in which individuals also create a power dynamic under the guise of coaching that goes against all coaching professional ethics. True coaching empowers the client, not the coach. Keeping this in mind, the freedom from micromanaging in this field also allows for beautiful human connection, and the endlessly beneficial variety of tools from many, many fields that can make their ways into client hands. ​ Physical and Behavioral Health coaching, when done with integrity across different professions, has the opportunity to... Reduce immense stress of the overstretched medical system Provide more access to resources Improve and spread community wellness via preventative care and creating a first line of care Spread access to less known therapies Build community trust and rapport with providers Give clients with medical trauma a safe reintroduction to autonomous care Shift professional/patient power dynamics in medical culture Triage clients who need deeper clinical care Balance the Western medicine system's hyper-focus on pathology We just recommend that clients be mindful of quality as they seek coaching or other health and wellness services (even in licensed professions, as our professional education systems also come with room for improvement).
  • Clinical Needs
    There are some conditions and symptoms that potentially improve along with lifestyle changes, but others have a stronger and more urgent need for clinical assessment and management. If you have any of the following, we highly recommend also seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist. This does not mean coaching may not also be beneficial. But lack of management or monitoring of these symptoms may impede progress in coaching or inhibit safety, so the addition of a mental healthcare worker becomes an important piece to your success and thriving. If you need assistance finding clinical help, we're happy to give you some resources and connections. ​ Examples of clinical symptoms that require mental healthcare: Feeling a complete lack of control of yourself Feeling like you're losing touch with reality Hallucinations or questioning if you're experiencing hallucinations or psychosis A persistent feeling that you are being watched or that others may be conspiring against you Traumatic flashbacks or night terrors Dissociation or amnesia Feeling intense emotional numbness Feeling or fearing that you may be a potential risk to others' or to your own safety, via any intention of harm ​ If you experience or have experienced any of the above, let your coach know during intake. These are not addressed in coaching, and we are not equipped to treat these symptoms. However, if you choose coaching for other goals as an adjunct to your care while also getting clinical treatment elsewhere, we'll be able to report any observations to you that may be significant to bring back to your clinical providers.
  • Cost
    Therapy is a health intervention covered by insurance. Coaching is recognized as a wellness service and is not billable to insurance. However, HSA/FSA companies may cover coaching services with the submission of a coded bill. You'll need to check with your specific HSA/FSA to be sure. ​ For the uninsured or underinsured, coaching often has cheaper out of pocket costs than therapy.
  • Perceived Power Dynamics
    The power dynamics between a coach and client vs a therapist and client are both that of a professional and a client seeking a service. However, the different in service structure and education requirements can create a felt difference in power dynamics and client interactions. For clients who want greater choice, or are struggling to upkeep new habits via professional advice giving, coaching may feel much more comfortable. It may also feel more comfortable for individuals who have mistrust of the medical system, or to those who are specifically seeking a holistic life analysis. On the flip side, some individuals want the comfort of a professional's specified medical background and direct advice-giving or prescribing of solutions. In this case, therapy may be a much more comfortable dynamic.
  • Topics Covered
    Clients who want to focus only on mental health may be best seeking therapy. Clients who want to take a more multi-faceted approach to their care and specifically address other areas of life may benefit more from a well-selected coach suited to that background. Coaches may be more likely to incorporate philosophy associated skills and mindsets, alternative healing methods, spirituality (optionally), discuss more general topics or topics covering other areas such as physical health, or use meditation, mindfulness, and activities as tools.
  • I tried to make a change/ reach this goal before and was unable to. Why would this be any different? Is coaching going to suggest a bunch of solutions I've already tried?
    Coaching is the antithesis to unsolicited advice. Before we give any form of suggestion or our own input, we strive to ask for your consent and respect the "no thank you's". Many folks seek out coaching because they've had difficulties making lasting change on their own. That's what we're here to support you with! Our job is not to "fix a problem", rather to aid you on a process to a lasting desired outcome. Together we'll analyze what's already been tried, what works and doesn't for you specifically, and explore your relationship with your goals, values, and barriers. We're used to assisting clients in breaking down goals into manageable, sustainable steps and finding tailored, creative solutions. Some individuals choose to try again with methods they've already tried, after re-analyzing with their coach and shifting their mindset. Others opt to generate new methods completely. Some enjoy asking for some input from coaches who may have a background in a relevant field, while others prefer the coach to remain input-free and prompt them to do their own thinking entirely. The coaching dynamic is highly individualized and in your hands. Regardless, we work alongside you in developing out-of-the-box, novel approaches to get where you want to be.
  • Can coaching help me with my trauma?
    What Coaching Can NOT Do: Coaching is not a clinical or medical service, cannot provide diagnoses, and is not treatment for mental health conditions. We cannot diagnose or treat PTSD. If your trauma comes with clinical signs (night terrors, consistent flashbacks, panic attacks, etc.) coaching is not a treatment for these symptoms. The coaching process is never aimed at the medical treatment of trauma responses or disorders. ​ What Coaching Can Do: Coaching can assist you in multiple facets of life, and the creation of new systems, behaviors, and mindsets, can positively affect mental wellbeing both in people without or with the experience of trauma. Although, operating from the beliefs of trauma informed care, we believe most people (if not everyone) has experienced some form of trauma, and we understand that it affects us all differently. Because our responses in both mind and body are so vastly different, we also believe no person's trauma is considered lesser than another. It is not the event, but the person's innate response that healing modalities interact with, which can bring us back to the present and provide a starting point to empowerment. Trauma can also be found hiding in many forms, generational, personal, physical, mental, societal, and so on. ​ If you want to discuss trauma as part of the coaching process, we welcome exploration and reflection of the most difficult aspects of life. We are able to hold space for a very high level of emotional intensity. Just note that coaching is not designed to remain in a fixed state of past analysis, nor will we dig towards the past. Any discussions of this nature are client-initiated. The purposes of exploring a trauma or past concern is highly dependent upon your unique situation, but in coaching, we first hold space for you, and then we focus on using your reflections in relation to present needs and ability to move towards balance at whatever pace is accessible to you. That could be through... Creating an understanding of current perspectives and reactions that is needed before forming the next step forward A path to a future envisionment free of (or integrating) the past Fostering acceptance Feeling heard and understood The exploration of more resources (if needed) The optional use of body-mind healing methods or meditations Using the past as a tool or opening the door to let go (when appropriate) The coaching experience can provide listening, space for difficult emotions, and an expectation-free environment without a rush for results, because healing from anything is a process. Here we're equipped with a knowledge base of various different types of therapeutics that can be used for trauma, and we'd love to empower you with that information and array of choices. Trauma can often affect self image, self compassion, autonomy, our connection to our identity and the world, and the ability to trust ourselves and others. These are profound life impacts that can make it difficult to thrive. Coaching can help with forward movement in these areas, recreating a relationship with safety, and allowing you to reframe and shift mindsets and perspectives towards liberation. Coaching also reconnects you with your strengths, building slow, deep confidence in your ability to create your life as you see it. Because we also work with meditation here, we may also be able to use this as a tool to enhance the above processes, and reconnect with a sense of being present, if you feel called to use it as an option. ​ In order to not be bound to our trauma, some need to let go, others need to integrate, some need to stay in the depths for a moment before it's the right time to move on, others just need to be heard, and some need medical treatment. There is no right or wrong way, nor formula, to moving forward. We all have unique healing steps that must be taken as a part of these processes. In coaching we allow you to explore what steps are needed to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be. If we begin the coaching process and it feels as though we cannot begin to shift out of the past when the time is right, clinical signs arise that hinder your ability to connect with the coaching process, mind-body modalities we provide are ineffective, or if clinical signs affect your safety, we'll recommend you to connect with medical resources (if you haven't already). Coaching can coexist with these resources, or you may feel that coaching is not right for you or that it is not the right time to use it. If you are looking specifically for a professional to dig deeper into your past than what you alone are able to bring up, and sift through that with you, a therapist has much greater strengths in this area. ​ Keep in mind, this space is completely, nonjudgmentally supportive of your best-interest. So if you try coaching but find yourself uncertain about whether or not it is the correct tool for your goal of moving beyond trauma, you may opt to discontinue at any time.
  • Can coaching help me with my mental health condition?
    What Coaching Can NOT Do: Coaching is not a clinical or medical service, cannot provide diagnoses, and is not treatment for mental health conditions. The coaching process is never aimed at the mental health condition (or treatment thereof) itself. ​ What Coaching Can Do: Coaching can assist you in multiple facets of life, and the creation of new systems, behaviors, and mindsets, can positively affect mental wellbeing both in people without or with mental health conditions. As a byproduct of this process, many people experience benefits in mental health and symptom management. ​ If you want to factor an existing diagnosis as an aspect of your self and life into your coaching experience, we can use the information your diagnosis provides us to explore methods of working with your present body and mind, eliminating the feeling of war upon yourself, and helping you thrive. As coaches with background knowledge, experience, or studies on the effects of certain conditions, we are not here to be experts or professionals with the ability to medically intervene. Rather, we use the information as a tool to help you guide yourself into personalized, tailored changes towards your own vision of health and wellbeing. In other words we do not pathologize and correct, we hold neutral space that assists you in analyzing and eliciting change where you deem necessary. Whether dealing with ADHD, anxiety, autism, BPD, derealization, depression, or other neurodivergence, we're aware that solutions will vary from one situation and person to another. We don't have a template, rather we let your unique needs determine the session direction. A coaching session that pays consideration to a mental health condition or need would focus on... Holding space for difficult emotions Acknowledging challenges brought upon by conditions and symptoms Understanding and expanding available resources Creating functional, personally tailored life systems Exploration of identity and your relationship with the diagnosis Reframing of difficult situations to create forward movement Finding personalized steps towards sustainable behavior change (when wanted by the client) Functional, step-by-step shifting of mindset and perspective towards resiliency Assisting you with resources to find clinical help (when wanted or requested by client) We absolutely acknowledge that a mental health condition can impact the methods that work best for you, or make certain changes feel more difficult. If you need and accept both clinical services and coaching, we'll support you in the process of connecting with clinical resources and practitioners. Our goal in this practice is to support holistic health, or treating a person as a whole, and completely encourage building your dream team of practitioners and tools.
  • I want to make change but I'm not motivated enough. Can coaching still help me?
    Yes, coaching can still help you! On some level, you need to want the change in order for it to happen. But you don't need to be fully motivated or ready to change to start coaching or for it to work. Especially for neurodivergent folks, and many others, motivation is difficult to access. Coaching does not jump immediately into goal setting and change making. There is an exploration and reflection process before we hop into action steps, and we give you time to understand your level of readiness. In order for a change to last, coaching recognizes it as a process. Our goal is to assist you in making the process bite-sized enough that motivation builds progressively over time through manageable, sustainable successes. It also assists you in getting back on track, completely judgment free, when life or action steps do not go as planned. For some changes you might be ready to take on the world, for others you might be afraid to dip even your little toe in the waters. Either way, that's okay. If there is a lack of readiness, we explore more. We assist in reconnecting with why the change is meaningful, exploring different ways to interact with the change, and we learn about what the barriers might be. Sometimes this leads to a different path completely. In most cases, the level of commitment and connection to the value of the change is far more important than motivation to act, which is what we specialize in assisting you with. That being said, it is always the client's responsibility to commit to the effort needed for the coaching process, to show up, to request support in the areas needed, and to place effort on the step-by-step journey agreed upon by coach and client. But perfection on this journey does not exist- in fact, expecting perfection is often one of the biggest barriers. You do not need to succeed at every step to have placed the needed effort for the process to be effective. Motivation, perfection, and success at every turn are never a requirement to start your journey, so please do not wait for them. You could be waiting a lifetime. The only effort needed for coaching is to be willing to take the first step- despite the fear and doubt. The next part of the path will clear itself in due time.
  • Coaching involves my own solutions- If I had the answers to my problems I wouldn't be asking for help! How does that work?
    While this practice is centered heavily around autonomy, and we always ask for your consent before providing any resources or suggestions, the coach still plays a very important role. The coach's role is to elicit thought and response in novel way, to facilitate you in the journey of creating new solutions, and to set the stage for a new framework of thinking when you get stuck. With your permission, coaches can provide additional knowledge, insight, and suggestions that you can add to your toolbox. They provide an unbiased, nonjudgmental perspective that can shift how you interact with yourself and relate to your own ideas. They provide adjustment and accountability to keep going when action steps don't go as intended, and assist you in finding steps that are manageable when yours (or others) expectations may be a little too high or low. You set the vision, and they bring the tools to help you break it down into a completable process. If you cannot access your inner vision, your coach can assist you in connecting with it and identifying barriers. So many times we lack a truly neutral, judgement free space in life that we forget how much of our mind is consumed and restricted with expectation and self doubt. The foundation of coaching is to assist in breaking free from these restrictions. While you speak freely on your current state of being, the coach is able to use your self provided details to ask questions of reflection, exploration, and refinement. The coach may also assist you in reconnecting with your strengths and positive attributes objectively, and reduce the impact of our bias as humans towards seeing the negative (which is often socially amplified). Coaching is meant to preserve autonomy, but simultaneously it gives you meaningful support in progressing your journey. You provide the ultimate answers and action, but your coach ensures you've left no necessary stone unturned, and that you are not alone and left struggling. Being tumbled around by the difficulties and challenges in life can make us lose connection with self reliance, leaving a feeling of brokenness and helplessness. Coaching allows for repair in these areas. It is a powerful realization that your support is not living your life for you, you are still the expert of your own experience, and you can receive help upon your own request that amplifies your voice rather than replacing it.
  • Space Rent
    Whether the rent for the space is paid directly by the therapist or by a management team, the incoming service revenue must pay not only personal bills, but the bills of the facility to keep it running.
  • Utilities (That's a Lot of Laundry)
    Usually not included in facility rent are the utility costs for laundry, and the electricity to support all of the lovely heat appliances like hot towel cabinets, table warmers, heated blankets, and stone heaters. Some massage therapists opt to do only clothed massages to avoid linens, but others take on the cost because the linens provide coziness, security, and comfort to clients.
  • Sustaining Practitioners' Unpaid Work
    Most of our work is actually unpaid. This includes the clinical note-taking we are legally required to do at the end of every session, the setting up and cleaning of rooms between each session, and depending on the business structure, the bookkeeping tasks, website building, taking calls and emails, scheduling, service development, Continuing Education, research for client health conditions, event planning, maintenance, etc. that we often times also do on our own. For those who don’t do it on their own, they then take on the costs of hiring help for those tasks and maintaining the hiring costs.
  • Tax Withholding, Plus Self Employment Tax
    Most massage therapists are not employees for a larger facility. This means they have to withhold their own taxes (both State and Federal), pay them quarterly, and they do not have an employer to pay a portion of the Social Security taxes. This means there is an extra percentage of taxes to pay for those who work for themselves or as Independent Contractors.
  • Product Costs
    Some Products cost more than others. The cheaper the product, the less cost goes into the service, but some pricier products are of higher quality. Better products can positively affect the feel of the massage and reduce the risk of sensitivity and allergic reactions to the unnecessary additives in cheaper products.
  • Practitioner's Paid Work
    FINALLY! All other costs deducted, we get paid for what we came here to do- taking care of you!
  • Body Taxation & Physical Limitations
    We definitely learn to manage our physical limits in this field! There is no way for Massage Therapists to keep up with spending 8 hours on services. Partially this is because we have so many maintenance tasks between services (which we’ll explain below), but also because it can be a very physically taxing job. In order to avoid straining our joints and ending up with chronic injuries ourselves, we have to keep proper body mechanics, which looks like a lot of lunges and squats. Even very still services are constant isometric exercises on our end. The massage therapists who overdo this work physically or don’t utilize proper body mechanics always end up finding out the hard way- with our field having an average of only 5 years before hitting burnout! Yikes- Many of us want to be able to serve our communities for much longer than that.
  • Equipment and Fees
    The costs for office supplies, management software, advertising, office furniture, linens, and equipment needed for special services can sometimes be quite expensive. Beyond their purchasing cost, larger equipment usually requires maintenance, and smaller equipment needs to be periodically replaced. The more unique and special services a practitioner offers, or the nicer their booking system, the more they likely spend to purchase and sustain their tools.
  • Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt (VI) :
    Chào mừng! Tôi thực hành liệu pháp xoa bóp để giúp cải thiện tình trạng sức khỏe, giảm đau, và thư giãn. Để xem trang web bằng ngôn ngữ của bạn (được dịch bởi google), hãy nhấp vào menu ngôn ngữ. Nếu bạn cần giúp đỡ hoặc đặt lịch hẹn: vui lòng gửi email cho tôi theo địa chỉ hoặc nhắn tin cho tôi theo số 443-814-9788 Hãy cho tôi biết trong tin nhắn bạn cần trợ giúp những câu hỏi nào hoặc khi nào bạn muốn đặt lịch hẹn. Tôi sẽ đặt lịch hẹn cho bạn. Để liên lạc, tôi sẽ sử dụng ứng dụng phiên dịch trên điện thoại của mình để giúp chúng tôi. Nếu bạn muốn dẫn theo một thành viên gia đình hoặc bạn bè để phiên dịch trong phiên của mình, bạn có thể làm như vậy, nhưng bạn không cần phải làm như vậy nếu không muốn. Nhìn chung chúng ta có thể giao tiếp tốt với ứng dụng điện thoại và cử chỉ.
  • Japanese / 日本語 (JA):
    いらっしゃいませ! 健康状態、痛みの緩和、スパとリラクゼーションを助けるマッサージ療法を実践しています。 ウェブサイトをあなたの言語 (google で翻訳) で表示するには、言語メニューをクリックします。 サポートが必要な場合、または予約が必要な場合: yourmassagesanctuary@gmail.comにメールしてください または、443-814-9788 までメールでお問い合わせください サポートが必要な質問や、いつ予約を取りたいかをメッセージでお知らせください。 私はあなたのために約束をします。 コミュニケーションには、携帯電話の翻訳アプリを使用してお手伝いします。 セッション中に家族や友人を通訳に連れて行きたい場合は、そうすることができますが、したくない場合はその必要はありません。 通常、電話アプリとジェスチャーでうまくコミュニケーションできます。
  • Spanish / Español (ES):
    ¡Bienvenidos! Practico la terapia de masaje para ayudar con las condiciones de salud, el alivio del dolor y la relajación. Para ver el sitio web en su idioma (traducido por Google), haga clic en el menú de idioma. Si necesitas ayuda, o para hacer una cita, comuníquese conmigo en: o envíeme un mensaje de texto al: 443-814-9788 Dígame en el mensaje cuándo desea programar la cita y la reservaré para usted. O dime las preguntas que con las que necesitas ayuda. Comunicación con su masajista profesional: Hablo algo de español, ¡y todavía estoy aquí para ayudarlo y brindarle un masaje! Si lo desea, puede traer a un amigo o familiar a su servicio para que traduzca, pero no es necesario que traiga un traductor si no lo desea. Si es necesario, un traductor electrónico (Google) o tarjetas de vocabulario de idiomas están disponibles para ayudar a comunicarse durante nuestro servicio. Y, por supuesto, hablaré tanto español como pueda durante nuestra sesión. -Jonathan Bowling, LMT Si necesita sus documentos de admisión en español, encuentre la exención de responsabilidad haciendo clic aquí, y encuentre el formulario de admisión haciendo clic aquí.
  • Portuguese / Português (PT):
    Bem-vindo! Pratico massoterapia para ajudar nas condições de saúde, alívio da dor e relaxamento. Para visualizar o site em seu idioma (traduzido pelo google), clique no menu de idiomas. Se precisar de ajuda ou marcar uma consulta: envie-me um e-mail para ou envie-me uma mensagem para 443-814-9788 Diga-me na mensagem em que questões precisa de ajuda ou quando gostaria de marcar uma consulta. Eu vou fazer a nomeação para você. Para comunicação, usarei um aplicativo tradutor no meu telefone para nos ajudar. Se quiser trazer um familiar ou amigo para traduzir durante a sua sessão, pode fazê-lo, mas não é obrigatório se não quiser. Geralmente, podemos nos comunicar bem com o aplicativo de telefone e gestos.
  • Filipino / Tagalog (TL) :
    Maligayang pagdating! Nagsasanay ako ng massage therapy para tumulong sa mga kondisyong pangkalusugan, pampawala ng sakit, at spa at pagpapahinga. Upang tingnan ang website sa iyong wika (isinalin ng google), mag-click sa menu ng wika. Kung kailangan mo ng tulong o upang gumawa ng appointment: mangyaring mag-email sa akin sa o i-text ako sa 443-814-9788 Sabihin sa akin sa mensahe kung anong mga tanong ang kailangan mo ng tulong o kung kailan mo gustong makipag-appointment. Ako ang gagawa ng appointment para sa iyo. Para sa komunikasyon, gagamit ako ng translator app sa aking telepono para tulungan kami. Kung gusto mong magdala ng miyembro ng pamilya o kaibigan para magsalin sa panahon ng iyong session, magagawa mo ito, ngunit hindi mo na kailangan kung ayaw mo. Sa pangkalahatan, maaari kaming makipag-usap nang maayos sa app ng telepono at mga galaw.
  • Arabic / عربى (AR) :
    مرحباً! أمارس العلاج بالتدليك للمساعدة في الحالات الصحية وتخفيف الآلام والسبا والاسترخاء. لعرض الموقع بلغتك (مترجم بواسطة google) ، انقر فوق قائمة اللغة. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى مساعدة أو لتحديد موعد: يرجى مراسلتي عبر البريد الإلكتروني على أو أرسل لي رسالة نصية على 9788-814-443 أخبرني في الرسالة عن الأسئلة التي تحتاج إلى مساعدة بشأنها أو متى ترغب في تحديد موعد. سأحدد لك الموعد. للتواصل ، سأستخدم تطبيق مترجم على هاتفي لمساعدتنا. إذا كنت ترغب في إحضار أحد أفراد العائلة أو صديق للترجمة أثناء جلستك ، فيمكنك القيام بذلك ، ولكن ليس عليك القيام بذلك إذا كنت لا ترغب في ذلك. يمكننا بشكل عام التواصل بشكل جيد مع تطبيق الهاتف والإيماءات.
  • Mandarin or Cantonese / 中文 (ZH) :
    欢迎! 我练习按摩疗法来帮助改善健康状况、缓解疼痛、放松。 要以您的语言(由谷歌翻译)查看网站,请单击语言菜单。 如果您需要帮助或预约: 请发送电子邮件至 或给我发短信 443-814-9788 在消息中告诉我您需要帮助的问题或您想预约的时间。 我会为你预约。 为了交流,我会使用手机上的翻译应用程序来帮助我们。 如果您想在会议期间带家人或朋友来翻译,您可以这样做,但如果您不想,则不必这样做。 我们通常可以通过手机应用程序和手势进行良好的交流。 对于中文,当您说话时,该应用程序仅会识别普通话。如果您会说广东话,我会说一点广东话。您可以带朋友或家人翻译,或者我可以准备传达基本需求的方式-询问您是否需要更大的力度,更少的力度,哪里有痛苦以及其他基本知识。 我们备有语言卡片,可在您按摩期间以广东话和普通话传达重要词汇。
  • Korean / 한국어 (KO) :
    환영! 나는 건강 상태, 통증 완화, 스파 및 휴식을 돕기 위해 마사지 요법을 연습합니다.귀하의 언어(Google 번역)로 웹사이트를 보려면 언어 메뉴를 클릭하십시오. 도움이 필요하거나 예약을 하려면: yourmassagesanctuary@gmail.com으로 이메일을 보내주세요. 또는 443-814-9788로 문자를 보내주세요. 어떤 질문에 도움이 필요하거나 언제 예약을 하고 싶은지 메시지로 알려주세요. 당신을 위해 약속을 잡겠습니다. 의사 소통을 위해 휴대 전화의 번역기 앱을 사용하여 도와 드리겠습니다. 세션 중에 번역할 가족이나 친구를 데려오고 싶다면 그렇게 할 수 있지만 원하지 않으면 하지 않아도 됩니다. 우리는 일반적으로 전화 앱과 제스처로 의사소통을 잘 할 수 있습니다.
  • French / Français (FR) :
    Bienvenue! Je pratique la massothérapie pour aider les conditions de santé, soulager la douleur, ainsi que le spa et la relaxation. Pour afficher le site Web dans votre langue (traduit par google), cliquez sur le menu des langues. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou pour prendre rendez-vous: s'il vous plaît écrivez-moi à ou envoyez-moi un message texte au 443-814-9788 Dites-moi dans le message pour quelles questions avez-vous besoin d'aide ou quand vous souhaitez prendre rendez-vous. Je prends rendez-vous pour vous. Pour la communication, j'utiliserai une application de traduction sur mon téléphone pour nous aider. Si vous souhaitez amener un membre de votre famille ou un ami pour traduire pendant votre session, vous pouvez le faire, mais vous n'êtes pas obligé de le faire si vous ne le souhaitez pas. Nous pouvons généralement bien communiquer avec l'application du téléphone et les gestes.
  • Hindi / हिंदी (HI) :
    स्वागत! मैं स्वास्थ्य स्थितियों, दर्द से राहत, और स्पा और विश्राम में मदद के लिए मालिश चिकित्सा का अभ्यास करता हूँ। अपनी भाषा में वेबसाइट देखने के लिए (गूगल द्वारा अनुवादित), भाषा मेनू पर क्लिक करें। अगर आपको मदद चाहिए या अपॉइंटमेंट लेना है: कृपया मुझे पर ईमेल करें या मुझे 443-814-9788 पर टेक्स्ट करें मुझे संदेश में बताएं कि आपको किन सवालों में मदद चाहिए या आप कब अपॉइंटमेंट लेना चाहेंगे। मैं तुम्हारे लिए नियुक्ति कर दूंगा। संचार के लिए, हम अपनी सहायता के लिए अपने फोन पर एक अनुवादक ऐप का उपयोग करेंगे। यदि आप अपने सत्र के दौरान परिवार के किसी सदस्य या मित्र को अनुवाद के लिए लाना चाहते हैं, तो आप ऐसा कर सकते हैं, लेकिन यदि आप नहीं चाहते हैं तो आपको इसकी आवश्यकता नहीं है। हम आम तौर पर फोन ऐप और इशारों के साथ अच्छी तरह से संवाद कर सकते हैं।
  • 11) Heated Bamboo ~ $10
    Heated bamboo rolls and decompresses areas of tension and adhesions.
  • 5a) Warm or Hot Stones (Full set) ~ $15
    Basalt, Himalayan Salt, or hand crafted ceramic Synergy Stones heated delightfully. We recommend this over the half set if you want hot stones incorporated throughout your entire service.
  • 9) Somatic Guidance ~ Free
    Guided body scanning meditation to build safety in your sensations, and explore your body-mind connection. Helpful for trauma and mental health symptoms.
  • 3) Aromatherapy ~ Free
    Blends of mood soothing essential oils sprayed on fresh linens
  • 6) Rest and Digest ~ Free
    An abdominal massage routine that aids in digestion and intestinal motility. Good for constipation, indigestion, symptoms of IBS, bloating, overall gut health, and more.
  • 1) Heat Packs ~ Free
    Homemade and hand sewn with flaxseed or rice to hold heat with a gentle weight
  • 7) Breathe Easy ~ Free
    Painless diaphragm, chest, and rib muscle release via acupressure and myofascial techniques. Aids chronic disorders that cause of shortness of breath like COPD, anxiety, etc.
  • 2) Warm or Hot Towels ~ Free
    Fluffy, and soft steamed towels chosen individually for texture
  • 8) Sinus Release ~ $5
    Marma points and fascia at the cranial joints are gently stimulated to reduce sinus pressure. A steamy towel infused with medicinally scented oil reduces congestion.
  • 4) Heated or Weighted Blanket ~ Free
    Tucked between the top sheet and blanket for deep warmth or security
  • 10) Castor Oil Packs ~ $7
    Castor oil is rubbed generously onto the abdomen, the area is wrapped, and a heat pack is placed on top. Helps with fibroids, uterine cysts, visceral adhesions, and more.
  • 5b) Warm or Hot Stones (Half Set) ~ $8
    Basalt, Himalayan Salt, or hand crafted ceramic Synergy Stones heated delightfully. We recommend this over the full set if you want hot stones incorporated into just the main focus area of your service.
  • Swedish Massage
    Relaxing and therapeutic massage, using oil for an array of smooth gliding strokes to improve circulation. This is the most common spa massage. Strokes on the limbs go towards the trunk to improve blood and lymph flow. Benefits include relief from mild aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, and greater flexibility. Country/Culture of origin: Sweden​ See an example here.
  • Shiatsu (指圧 Finger Pressure)
    Following meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine, this modality was adapted by Japanese culture. Pressure and compression are applied with the practitioner's fingers, thumbs, palms, hands, and feet, as well as assisted stretching. Meridians can be used to assist healing in various health conditions and impact other parts of the body via nerve and connective tissue pathways. It's effective at treating a range of conditions, pain symptoms, increasing range of motion, emotional wellbeing, and much more. Shiatsu can be done on a mat or a table. Country/Culture of origin: Japan See examples here and here. Note that the videos are narrated in Japanese. Auto-generated captions are available with the option to translate to English on the second video, but some terms may not translate directly.
  • Craniosacral
    Very gentle pressure and traction along the fascia and bones of the head, sacrum, and spine influences the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, dural membrane, and connective tissue between cranial and spinal joints. There is a lot of misconception around this therapy. No massage is a cure-all. However, this modality is effective and well suited for trauma recovery, calming the nervous system, reducing connective tissue stress around the head and spine, reducing pain, reducing sinus congestion, reducing neurological symptoms with structural causes, and more. Country/Culture of origin: United States* These techniques as well as a form of psychosomatic bodywork called SomatoEmotional Release were described and taught by Dr. Upledger, the founder of the Upledger Institute. He was an osteopathic medical doctor that went on to practice acupuncture and other multidisciplinary forms of medicine. He discovered attributes of the central nervous system that were not previously described in medical texts during a neurosurgery for a calcified adhesion restricting a patient's spinal cord. After observing a gliding movement of the cerebrospinal fluid within the spinal canal, and ways in which connective tissue restrictions of this impact the dural membrane and overall neurology and (therefore other mental and physical symptoms) of many of his patients, he named the system the craniosacral system. His manual therapy techniques to work with this were then called craniosacral therapy. Many British medical texts describe the sutures of the skull (joints between skull bones) as fully fused after puberty. Dr. Upledger noted that in Italian anatomical texts, as well as studies of anatomy in other parts of the world, there is a very small amount of movement within these joints even after adulthood. This minute movement is thought to serve the same purpose as the engineering of a bridge, which needs some sway in order to avoid being so rigid that it cannot withstand force and crumbles. He therefore uses the bones as handles to gain small, sustained traction that releases in connective tissues around the central nervous system. See an example here.
  • Scar Release Techniques
    After a surgery or injury, scar tissue can build up in the body. Even very routine and common procedures like C-sections and non-visible overuse injuries like tennis elbow can produce scar tissue. The scar tissue in itself is not a problem, as it's the body's natural response to healing itself. But when scar tissue begins sticking to other nearby connective tissue, bones, organ tissue, etc, it can wreak havoc with pain, discomfort, nerve entrapment, postural misalignments, and other symptoms like breathing or digestive problems (depending on the location of the scar tissue). Scar tissue release techniques can be used for small and superficial scars near the top of the skin, as well as bone deep or visceral scars within the body. The goal is never to get rid of the scar or scar tissue completely- which is not realistic. We can, however, soften the scar tissue and oftentimes release it from pathological connections it is making with other nearby tissues to restore mobility and function, and eliminate pain. Usually scar tissue releases provide very long lasting, effective results in restoring functionality to the affected area.
  • Orthopedic & Medical Massage
    "Medical" and "orthopedic" massage are not techniques themselves. Rather, these are umbrella terms for various techniques used by massage therapists who have in-depth training and specialize in working with... Complex health conditions Post operative or post injury recovery Various bodily symptoms Pain syndromes Massage therapists with these skillsets apply detailed assessments to understand each patient's alignment, structural concerns, signs, symptoms, medical history, and gather the how's and why's of the body's responses that have led to your current situation. We often use integrated techniques that affect multiple body systems rather than just focusing on muscles (eg. connective tissues, bones, organs, nervous system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, etc.) In most cases, gradual restructuring of the body and the reduction of other unwanted symptoms are achievable. Some symptoms we commonly work with are: dizziness numbness and tingling poor digestion radiating or referred pain inflammation swelling chronic breathing pattern difficulties tickling or crawling sensations discomfort of areas of the body less commonly addressed in spa services such as sinuses, eyes, face, throat, ribs, abdomen, or diaphragm feelings of tightness or heaviness and plenty of other bodily symptoms and sensations ***Some of these can also be signs of more serious conditions. If these symptoms are new for you or you're unsure of the cause, see a physician first to rule out a medical emergency.*** Because of our advanced studies in Anatomy and Physiology as well as research literacy, we are accustomed to adapting our techniques to an extremely wide variety of conditions, screening for safety, and tailoring sessions to individual needs. In chronic conditions, many of our patients will be aiming for functionality, symptom management, remission of flares, or quality of life. In other cases, like some forms of sciatic pain or acute injury, the problem may be completely alleviated through manual therapy. Some of the many conditions/traits we've worked with are: Cardiac conditions (Congestive heart failure, stroke and heart attack recovery) Connective tissue disorders (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, hypermobility spectrum disorder) Chronic Pain and Fatigue (Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome) Digestive ailments (gastroparesis, constipation, GERD) Neurological Disorders (Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis) Spinal Disease and Surgical Recovery (sciatica, Ankylosing spondylitis, herniated discs, degenerative disc or spinal disease, pinched nerve roots) Respiratory Conditions (COPD, breathing pattern disorders, recovery from long COVID or respiratory illness [when no longer contagious]) Mental Health Conditions (Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation, Addictions) Neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD) Endocrine Issues (hyper/hypothyroidism, high cortisol) Reproductive Ailments (PCOS, endometriosis) Postural and alignment issues causing pinched nerves, pain, or structural neurological symptoms Some of the common surgeries and injuries we assist in treating during recovery via scar tissue release, pain relief, anti-inflammatory protocol, and swelling reduction are: Post operative incision areas C Sections Joint replacements Spinal Fusions Bone reconstruction and fracture repair with hardware Nerve and blood vessel grafts Mastectomy and Chest reconstructions Lumpectomy Visceral (organ) scar adhesions Cosmetic procedures Soft tissue injuries Soft tissue repair procedures (rotator cuff, ACL, meniscus, labrums, other ligaments and tendons, etc) Sports injuries Typically medical massage is safe at the time that exercise or movement of the post surgical area is safe, or around the time you would be cleared to begin physical therapy. Scar tissue release cannot begin until incisions are fully healed, which varies based on each person's body, the procedure or injury, and whether or not complications were encountered in the initial healing. Your physician and massage therapist can collaborate if needed to determine the right time to begin massage. These types of recovery work are best done sooner rather than later, but results can still be achieved on old surgical or injury sites. The lists above are not exhaustive, but show a few examples of ailments we commonly treat. About Diagnoses Note that we cannot diagnose health conditions, but work with the diagnoses reported to us to treat conditions or symptoms. Sometimes individuals have an amalgamation of symptoms with no formal diagnosis yet. In these cases, we can work on managing your symptoms, and point you in the direction of providers who can evaluate and diagnose you if you'd like. Our observations from each session as well as the experiences you report to us are kept in medical documents that you can also show to other providers if you so choose. We are used to working with other healthcare professionals and coordinating our therapies to maximize healing potential for our clients.
  • Myofascial Release
    An effective medicinal option that relieves chronic pain and symptoms, increases range of motion, and structurally rebalances misaligned areas of the body. Oil-free, slow traction over the skin and various stretches work with fascia (connective tissue that covers muscles, organs, and bone). Pain usually originates from fascia rather than muscle, making this modality one of the best pain relievers even when other therapies have been unsuccessful. Pressure often starts light and gets deeper. Some describe it as a meditative experience. It is versatile, can be performed over clothes, and may aid non-muscular conditions via structural changes, like acid reflux, arthritis, and more. Country/Culture of Origin: United States* See a brief explanation here, and an example here. Many therapeutic modalities are derived from myofascial release, and it is an umbrella to many other techniques.
  • Neuromuscular Techniques & Trigger Point Therapies
    Neuromuscular technique is an umbrella term for a wide variety of techniques (like Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation [PNF], trigger point therapy, positional release, reciprocal inhibition, and more). The practitioner uses knowledge about neurological connections between different muscle groups and muscle behaviors to cause a long-lasting release at the source. It's effective in treating chronic pain and dysfunctions, and aiding with many neurological, postural, otherwise structural ailments. Massage therapists who perform neuromuscular techniques tend to have a greater understanding of the body's more complex responses to pain, and how to work with different responses of sensory & motor nerves-especially those responsible for interpreting pain signals. You may be asked to do a few simple movements or questions about what makes the pain better or worse to help the therapist determine the best course of action and interpret the information your body is giving. A trigger point is a highly tender point on the body that often refers or radiates pain elsewhere. Trigger point neuromuscular therapy uses sustained pressure near trigger points by a therapist skilled at matching just the right resistance of the muscle- without too much or too little force. The neurological connection between some muscle groups can aid a therapist in mapping out the cause of your ailment (like the suboccipitals behind the head and the muscles that move the eyes. Yep, they're neurologically connected! That headache that starts at the base of your skull might be pointing towards eye strain.) Reciprocal inhibition uses the idea that for one muscle group to contract, the other must relax. Sometimes a therapist using neuromuscular therapies may ask you to move a muscle to complete a technique- but the movements are not strenuous and the techniques should not be painful. There are various other forms of neuromuscular therapies, all of which are very targeted techniques. Describe your pain or discomfort in detail to your therapist, and they will determine which neuromuscular techniques are right for you.
  • Acupressure/Tui Na (推拿 Push and Grasp)
    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupressure applies varying types of pressure to specific points along meridian pathways. Meridians carry qi, or life energy. Blockages throughout these pathways can cause ailments. TCM has been practiced for centuries to heal a wide range of conditions. Though many Western cultures underestimate the value of acupressure, practitioners of both medical systems have proven that there are neurological and anatomically significant structures at acupoints. It is used in controlled research studies throughout the world, and is easy to implement in more simplified forms. TCM uses pulse points, elements, seasons, colors, times, foods, senses, facial structures, and the appearance of the tongue to diagnose and assess conditions. While we are currently unable to perform full assessments from this medical system, we do implement the introductory use of points, elements, and techniques when medically applicable in a custom treatment session. Country/culture of origin: China See an example here. ​​​​
  • Reflexology
    Compression of zones on the hands and feet that correlate with other organs and parts of the body. It is used for systemic benefits of any organ system. While not a cure, it can assist in the treatment of many health conditions and is safe for most people. Country/Culture of origin: Ancient China and Egypt See an explanation here, and a demonstration here.
  • Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage
    A gentle massage using gliding strokes and oil to safely and comfortably relax an expecting parent. The body goes through a lot of changes and stress during pregnancy! Relieving that stress allows time for parent and baby to bond, and reduces cortisol and other stress related hormones in the body that can affect mood, physical health, and fetal health. Please note that prenatal massage is done AFTER the first trimester for the safety of the child. Country/Culture of Origin: India Prenatal massage is commonly done in a side-lying position. See an example of side-lying massage here.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    Aims to move lymph fluid through the body when there are areas of swelling. It is ideal after injuries or surgeries to reduce swelling, and can help with situations like Meniere's Disease and other illnesses impacted by build up of lymphatic fluid. Note it cannot be done when there is an active infection, since the lymphatic system plays a key role in the immune system. Country/Culture of origin: Denmark There are multiple techniques used to achieve drainage. See a demonstration of a gliding technique here.​
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Relieves tension in the deeper tissue layers. It uses oil for similar gliding strokes to Swedish massage with more pressure. Highly effective for releasing chronic stress areas from repetitive motions and past lingering injuries, it reduces scar tissue adhesions and improves range of motion. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to manage comfort levels. Mild soreness sometimes occurs after the treatment, and staying hydrated afterward is important. Country/Culture of origin: Ancient Egypt, Canada* See an example here.
  • Compression
    General term for the technique of placing downward pressure with thumbs, hands, or elbows. A compression routine also uses kneading, and is a convenient and versatile option for many people. It can be done fully clothed on a chair, mat, or table, and is generally safe even in the presence of some circulatory problems. Pressure is easily adjusted to meet your comfort level. See an example here.
  • I don't know which service to choose.
    When in doubt, start with the Custom Therapeutics Session. It's tailored to you, and we'll discuss what you'd like to get out of your session (relaxation, pain relief, etc) beforehand. All different styles of massage (eg. deep tissue, Swedish medical/orthopedic, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, etc) are booked the same way, through this one service. A quick but thorough intake and assessment lets us customize the session with the techniques you need. About the Budget Routines (and when to use them): The purpose behind the Compression and the Hand, Foot, and Neck Express services are to give economically friendly options that are easier for the therapist and therefore less cost to the client. While we can spend more time on your target areas, these simplified services do not include the whole toolbox of techniques and assessment we pull from in the Custom Therapeutics Sessions. So if you have a specific goal or health concern, or want the standard oily spa massage (eg. Swedish or Deep Tissue), the Custom Therapeutics is the best choice. But if you need to save some money, de-stress, and get general tension out of your body, the Budget Routines are perfect for you. What about the rest of the service menu? Most of the other services on the menu are targeted at very specific situations, and you'll know if you might benefit from them (eg. Prenatal/Pregnancy massage, Diabetic Neuropathy service). Body Scrub massages / Body Polishes use hand crafted body scrubs and exfoliate the body during the process, and end with massage techniques using a deep moisturizing cream to protect the skin. Spa Packages are longer services that combine a variety of techniques and smaller services together. Some of ours are aimed at treatment goals (like depression, pain, or anxiety), while others are just luxurious retreats. Nonetheless, if you aren't currently experiencing depression, for example, you can still access the Dusk to Dawn spa package if that specific service combination is appealing to you (and vice versa!). That goes for almost any of our targeted packages and services, because the modalities used are beneficial to general wellbeing as well. Reiki is an energy work/spiritual healing service, described in more detail at the bottom of the Service Menu page. If you still feel uncertain about which service might help you the most, feel free to reach out! You can contact us by email at or phone/text: 443-814-9788 . We're happy to help 😊 We also have a quiz to give general recommendations. You can find that here:
  • Do you do couples massages?
    Our staffing and building structure isn't set up for us to provide a massage to both individuals at once; however, we accommodate couples with an unforgettable experience as follows: Services are performed back to back, customized to the needs of each individual. The partner not currently receiving massage is provided a resting area inside the treatment room with amenities such as free and unlimited coffee and tea, a foot bath, a heated neck wrap, and/or a foot massager. When we expand to our new office within the next couple months, there will be access to a small library, activity books with word searches, puzzles, coloring, and journal prompts, and delicious snacks and sweets (with sugar free options available as well). To schedule a couple's service please email us at or text/call 443-814-9788
  • How are your services different from a typical spa, hospital, physical therapy office, etc?
    Typically speaking, massages at a spa can address some medical concerns, but to a lesser degree. Most spas focus on relaxation and luxury, and are not always affordable. On the other hand, massages at a medical facility are very well informed and prepared to address health concerns, but may not provide relaxation in the same way a spa would. Especially for individuals who have frequent doctor visits, the setting itself can induce anxiety or a reminder of medical concern. ​ We aim to integrate the benefits of these very different settings, as well as the "toolbox" of modalities that they pull from. By combining medical and spa massage techniques, charging luxury enhancements at affordable rates, and developing more detailed service packages, medical needs can be addressed in a stress free environment that also uplifts the mind and emotions. Patients and clients who want solely medical benefit or solely a spa day are easily accommodated, and those who need both will achieve all their goals in one place for one price.
  • Do you bill insurance?
    Not yet; however, we are able to provide an NPI number and codes in which you can submit to your own private insurer, but there is no guarantee of coverage. Many insurances only cover small time-intervals and require pre-approval. This is why we strive to be flexible in other financing options. Medicare and Medicaid unfortunately do not currently cover massage therapy, but we are working towards requesting them to change. In the mean time, please click the button below to view a large range of unique money-saving options we use to make massage affordable for you, even in the long run.
  • How much are your services?
    To See Prices: Visit the Service Menu page by clicking the button below. Click on each service of interest, and the First Time Visit rates as well as Regular Rates for each service duration will be laid out for you. Our service pricing varies by the type and duration of each service. We also give 20% off your first visit so you can feel safe investing into these services for yourself. If you're booking with the online system, be sure to use the promo code WELCOME for your first visit. Our pricing structure allows us to make extremely budget friendly, simplified but effective services, like Compression and Hand, Foot, and Neck Express, as well as more standard services like the Custom Therapeutics session. This way everyone can afford the care they need. For cost saving options like memberships, discounted bundles, financing options, specials, and more, visit the promotions page by clicking the button below.
  • I need help scheduling online.
    See our online booking tutorial with a photo walkthrough below:
  • I don't want to schedule online. How can I make an appointment?
    Technology sucks sometimes, but we've got you covered! Just call or text 443-814-9788 or email asking to schedule and we will list available days and times for your appointment. We do not have a receptionist at all times. If you prefer communication by phone and we miss your call, just leave a voicemail with your callback number. We'll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 1 day). If you're feeling experimental and want to give the online booking system a try, below are buttons to make an appointment as well as a link to an instructions page with photos on how to use the online system. (And don't worry about "messing up" while booking, we're available to fix anything that doesn't go as planned!)
  • Do you take HSA/FSA cards?
    Yes we do! However, we have to use a different payment processing system for these cards. The only thing that you cannot do with these cards is: 1) Use them as the payment method for the membership, since it is linked to the incompatible payment system, and... 2) Use the online booking system. You must call, text, or email us to book with an HSA or FSA as they will not work for the deposit on the scheduling system. You still have access to bundle packages and all other cost saving options. Simply request them and we will do the payment processing for you. Contact Us: 443-814-9788 (call or text, text is best)
  • Do you offer deep tissue, myofascial release, hot stone, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, or another specific type of massage?
    Yes to all of the above, and many more. All techniques are booked the same way- by booking a Custom Therapeutics session. This is for a few reasons: 1) It does not limit you or upcharge you for needing many techniques, or having different needs between sessions. 2) You may not have heard of a technique yet, and the thorough intake gives us the chance to suggest new therapies to you that could have a greater impact in helping you achieve your goals. Each Custom Therapeutics Service is made just for you, so you can request any variety of techniques you'd like to try by scheduling that service. Or just come to us with all of your baggage (I promise, we won't be scared away). It's completely okay if you aren't sure what will help you, and just know that you need help. The intake and assessment will let you list out your health history and experiences, and we'll suggest the best way to frame the session or treatment plan for you. Enhancements are ways to add to your service for techniques that require extra tools or protocols. For example, Hot Stones are available as a $15 enhancement to any Custom Therapeutics session. We also offer Hot Bamboo ($10), Heat Packs & Hot Towels (free), and many other therapeutic or relaxing features. When you book, it will let you check the box next to any additional enhancements you want to add (no quantity restrictions, it's unlimited!). Information about specific techniques we practice in our Custom services are found at the link below, just underneath the service menu section. Also available are: Orthopedic and medical massage techniques Cupping Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and other neuromuscular techniques Scar release massage And many more!
  • Blind and Low Vision Access
    We're dedicated to the ease and comfort of your session. Intake forms are electronic to allow for use off assistive technology. Intake can also be completed verbally. If you would like guided access into the facility upon arrival, through the facility during your visit, or out of the facility upon departure, your therapist will walk with you. Our suite is located in the rear of the building on floor 1, most easily accessible by the elevator in the parking lot underneath the building. We can provide additional detailed verbal description of the facility, surroundings, treatment options, or techniques used when needed. Please feel free to call us at 443-353-0658 with any questions you would like to ask ahead of time. We are working on printing important in-office materials and business cards in braille. If you have any further needs, suggestions, or requests we are happy to provide.
  • Public Transportation Access
    Scott Adam Rd (where we are located) crosses with York Rd in Timonium/Cockeysville. We are directly accessible by light rail as well as bus. Below is the needed info for travelling from Baltimore City or from another location South of us. The 93 Bus Route and Light Rail are the main methods of transportation to access us. The closest bus stop is York Rd and Frankel Way. Light Rail to Bus Transfer: Take the Light Rail to the McCormick Rd stop, transfer to the 93 Bus (Towards Towson) at the McCormick and Schilling Rd southbound stop. Exit the 93 Bus at the York Rd and Frankel Way northbound stop. Walk north up York Rd and then turn onto Scott Adam Rd (about a 4 minute walk total). Our large grey building is directly to the left. Walking directly from the Light Rail Stop: About a 20 min. walk directly from the Warren Rd stop. Follow Warren Rd East from the stop until the York & Warren Rd intersection. Turn South (left) onto York Rd until the York and Scott Adam Rd intersection. Cross York Rd at the available stoplight/crosswalk near Scott Adam Rd. Follow Scott Adam Rd directly to our large grey building on the left (not far at all from the York Rd intersection). Bus only: CityLink Red (OR another bus/route from your local area, this route is coming from central Baltimore) towards Towson- Dulaney Valley Rd stop near Macy's. Transfer to the 93 Bus northbound towards Hunt Valley. Exit at Warren Rd & Samona Ave. Walk West from this stop to the Scott Adam Rd intersection and follow Scott Adam Rd southwest to our building (about 7 minutes). Other routes may be available. Please check with your GPS (librarians may assist if you do not have access to a GPS or are unable to utilize one). (Last updated 8/27/23) Note: Public transportation routes are subject to change and Sanctuary Repose staff may not be aware. Always check with a GPS such as Google Maps or your local transportation service for the latest details.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access
    We're dedicated to the ease and comfort of your session. If ASL is your preferred method of communication, inform us before the session so that we can be prepared with some signs that will help us communicate with ease during your treatment. We are not fluent in ASL (as much as we would like to be, and certainly have it on our list of things to make efforts towards!), but we want to be able to accommodate the communication of as many basic needs for your massage as we can in your preferred language. Paper and writing utensils and devices to type on are also readily available for more detailed communication. Intake forms are sent via email before the session to give you an opportunity to express your preferred methods of communication. If you are seeking medical massage or need to inform us of health history and conditions beforehand, the digital intake forms also ask in depth questions so that you need not worry about any on-the-spot communication barriers in conveying complex medical topics when applicable. If you have any further needs, suggestions, or requests, we are happy to provide. The business phone number (443-353-0658) also accepts text messaging.
  • I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or sensory processing disorder, and I am concerned that massage therapy will be overwhelming. Is massage a good choice for me?
    We can use pressure adjustments, provide sensory objects, weighted blankets, ear plugs, altered lighting, and soundtracks to enjoy massage while engaging other senses, so that the tactile sensation of massage does not feel overwhelming. This allows individuals to still enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, and to engage in other sensory needs simultaneously. Everyone is different! Some people like deeper pressure and compression, and to remain clothed, which can be a beneficial approach to this situation. Sometimes massage feels better in a chair, or securely tucked in with soft blankets. We will work with your needs throughout the session, and establish your preferred forms of communication to make sure you can express to us what is working and what isn't. Some people may not like massage, regardless of these adjustments. If massage therapy isn't working for you, but you would like to be recommended other healing therapies, we can help you find options. Note: We are comfortable working with non-verbal communication. You do not need to be verbal in order to receive massage therapy as long as you are able to provide consent, or have someone who can legally provide consent for you (Power of Attorney).
  • I'm not comfortable laying on my back or face down, can I still get a massage?
    Absolutely! Despite it being less commonly shown in media, massage can be done side-lying, seated in a massage chair, seated in a regular chair, or on the floor on a mat. If you are uncomfortable, you should not need to remain in that position for the massage. Let us know, and we will adjust the positioning, or provide bolsters for support.
  • Sensory and Trauma Informed Access Aids
    To accommodate a wide range of sensory needs, a weighted blanket, adjustable lighting, linens with different texture options, and ear-plugs to reduce noise are available. There is no set music in the treatment room, so you can request any music/sounds, or no music as you'd like. Sensory or comfort objects that you may bring from home like plushies, fidget objects, or any other sensory object are welcome during the session! ​ Sometimes it is hard to verbalize needs during a session. If you do not communicate verbally, or if you sometimes need extra time to verbalize, the Jingle Button is a keychain that plays back a small tune when the button is pressed. It will be available in the office to hold during the session if requested. If it is difficult to verbalize when you need an adjustment in pressure, technique, need an emotional or mental check-in, etc, the Jingle Button gives you the opportunity to let your therapist know that you need to pause the session. It allows a moment for you to check in with yourself, and for us to check in with you on your needs with no pressure or rush to find words or other signals. Remember that you control your session- you have the right to pause or stop the session, or request adjustments at any time. An alternative to the Jingle Button is establishing a non-verbal pause cue, like snapping your fingers.
  • Mobility Assisted Access
    We are located on the first floor of the 50 Scott Adam Road building. Underneath the building is a parking lot with accessible parking spaces directly next to the elevator. You do not need to use the stairs in the front of the building. We are close to the elevator entrance on the first floor in the rear of the building (suite 107). A transport chair may be available on site. We are more than happy to assist you either via transport chair or by walking with you and supporting you from your car into the building. Please call or text us ahead of time (at least 3 hours before session) so we can arrange to meet you in the lot below 443-353-0658 . If you need extra time before or after your treatment, please inform us by phone or email and we will make sure it is available to you. We can change the height of our massage table or provide a step stool when needed. If a massage table is inaccessible, a floor mat is available for massage as well as a massage chair- please send an email or text prior to scheduling letting us know your preference if you would like a session on the mat or chair. We'll need to know to bring it to the session and reset the room. Any devices used to aid in mobility such as walkers, canes, or wheelchairs will be kept within easy reach at all times. Your therapist can remain in the treatment area with you to assist in getting onto or off of the table if needed. If you have any further needs, suggestions, or requests, we are happy to provide.
  • Patients with Undiagnosed Chronic Conditions
    Massage therapists cannot provide diagnoses, but we know it can be difficult to get a diagnosis for complex medical situations. If you are struggling with chronic symptoms and are searching for a diagnosis, provide us with all information that you do have. We will customize your treatment plan, and if needed or requested, work with you to build a network of providers who can diagnose. The notes taken after each session are valid medical documents that can be shown to other healthcare professionals. All of your information is confidential unless you request its release in writing. Your voice will be heard here.
  • LGBTQIA+ Safe Space
    Note from Owner (Jonathan): As a gender-nonconforming person myself, I understand that our communities have unique concerns, and reasonably so. Let some of the weight come off of your shoulders in this space as we normalize ourselves. Safe Restroom Access- The restroom at the facility is single-stall and gender-neutral. Staff Education- Our staff is always committed to learning more about others' diverse and intersectional experiences. Practitioners remain well researched in unique physiology affecting our communities to provide the best healthcare and advocation possible. You will be heard and seen here, your pronouns and relationship dynamics will be respected, and you will not be asked invasive and irrelevant questions during your session. We do our best to assist patients in finding safe practitioners in other fields as well to expand access to gender diverse, safe healthcare. Prenatal Massage for Expecting Parents of Any Gender- Celebrate your parenthood without fear of being misgendered or facing safety risks or discrimination. Treat yourself, because you are celebrated here.
  • Weight Capacity of Equipment
    We strive to make sure our services are accessible for all body sizes. Our massage table has a tested and manufacturer supported working weight capacity of 1000 lbs. If you are unable to comfortably receive massage on a table, we are happy to find an arrangement that works for you such as seated massage, mobile massage, etc. For any questions, inquiries, or concerns: Contact Us 443-353-0658
  • What is getting a massage like / how does the process work?
    There is no one way to describe getting a massage, because so many modalities (types of massage) are different! Click here to read descriptions and see examples of different modalities and techniques. But to try and sum it up, the general process for getting a massage is as follows: 1. Visit the Services & Prices page to choose a service, or contact me for assistance in determining what type of massage to book. 2. Book your appointment in the online scheduler or contact us to do so for you. 3. Fill out the digital intake form. 4. Arrive at the facility 5 minutes before your treatment. 5. Enjoy a small snack and a beverage in the waiting area if available. The session must start exactly at the scheduled time, in order to keep time for the next clients (late policy below). 6. In the treatment room, we will discuss your medical history and treatment needs, answer any questions or concerns about the selected service, and ask for your preferences (music, scents, oils, etc). 7. The therapist will provide you with instructions on how to get onto the table based on the treatment plan. They will then leave the treatment area to allow you to get settled on the table, and under the draping (blankets and linens). 8. The therapist will provide you with bolsters for postural support and comfort, and any additional linens, draping, or adjustments needed before treatment begins. 9. You have full autonomy at all points in the session. If anything is painful, uncomfortable, or treatment needs to be adjusted, let us know immediately and the session will be adjusted to fit your requests. You also reserve the right to discontinue treatment or request more information about your treatment at any time throughout the session. 10. After the massage, we will leave the treatment room to allow you a few moments and privacy to redress, and to sit in calm after the session. 11. The therapist will return and ask if you'd like to ask any questions or give feedback for your next session. 12. Take a moment to be in the present and stress-free before leaving!
  • How can massage therapy affect the body?
    Massage therapy can affect the body in many ways, and can be used in the treatment of various health conditions. It is a very powerful tool in management of chronic symptoms, some of which are discussed below, and can be combined with various other therapies or treatments as needed. It is by no means a cure-all, but the improvements it can produce are valuable and verified. In general, massage therapy can reduce stress levels, which in itself reduces risks for stress related health conditions like strokes and stomach ulcers. Chronic stress causes increases in the stress hormone cortisol, which can be reduced by massage and other stress management techniques. Massage can reduce blood pressure, restore mobility in joints, reduce pain, improve recovery after injury, reduce scar adhesions, reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia, increase alertness and mental wellbeing, and so much more. Complex health conditions and their symptoms can benefit from massage therapy if performed carefully. This includes fibromyalgia, cancer, epilepsy, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and many more. Massage does not take the place of other forms of treatment recommended by physicians for these conditions, but can have a combined effect with treatments that can be far more effective than one treatment alone. Some structural problems, especially related to posture, chronic illness, or a chronic injury, can take time to improve. A custom treatment plan will help determine realistic expectations and symptom management. Different modalities can achieve different results for the body. For example, lymphatic drainage is great for reducing post-surgical or post-injury swelling. Myofascial can help with structural issues of the body and reduce pain. Deep tissue can relieve tension and scar adhesions. Some cases of sciatica have been relieved for many months or permanently with massage therapy. Complex situations that may be overlooked by conventional medicine, like breathing pattern disorders caused by anxiety, can be improved with massage therapy. All in all, if there is a condition you would like to treat, there is a good chance that it can be in some ways improved by a massage therapy treatment tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us about your known health conditions or concerns before treatment to determine appropriate and safe modalities for your situation. In rare cases, some complex conditions may require that an authorization from a doctor for safety purposes. We will assist in contacting other members of your healthcare team when needed. If the condition is not safe for us to treat, if there is a massage therapist more skilled in a specialized modality that you need, or we feel that massage therapy will not benefit you, we will refer you to an appropriate provider.
  • Suggestions for an Optimal Session
    Lifestyle changes that can assist in the longevity of the benefits of your session may be discussed. Follow them as you can to receive better, longer lasting results. Remove or inform us of contact lenses before treatment for your comfort and to avoid injury with friction on the face cradle. If you feel comfortable doing so, remove any jewelry before the session that may impede your comfort. If you are unable to remove jewelry or do not want to, this is absolutely fine and we will work around it. Some modalities like Thai massage, craniosacral, acupressure and reflexology may require comfortable, loose fitting clothes that allow for freedom of movement during a fully clothed session. Ask questions before, during, or after the session as needed. Communication is always open. Enjoy a snack or a drink before and after whenever available! Stay hydrated after your session. Massage increases circulation, and hydration can help keep a balanced fluid regulation in your body.
  • Recovery Pricing (Sliding Scale)
    If you're recovering from an injury, illness, or managing a chronic condition and need appointments weekly or more often, discuss flexible, sliding scale pricing and timing on a Recovery Plan. To set up a recovery plan, contact: 443-814-9788 (call or text, text is best) If you have a complex mental or physical health situation and need to talk to us on the phone: We'd love to block some time to make sure you get to express your situation fully. We do not always have a receptionist available, but can and will always make time to talk when needed. If we are unable to answer your call, send us a text or leave a voicemail with your name, best call-back number, and state that you'd like to discuss recovery plans. We will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) and set up a phone appointment time to discuss your specific situation in more depth to build a plan that works for you.
  • Financing / Payment Plans
    Using Vagaro Pay Later, you can pay for your service in small increments over 6 weeks. Any purchase over $35 qualifies, whether you'd like to use it on a single service or a bundle package of many services. Simply sign up for Vagaro Pay Later in your Vagaro profile, then use the Vagaro Pay Later option at checkout. Or, let us know that's how you'd like to pay while booking with us. We'll give you the sign up link. Requirements: Vagaro Pay Later requires a bank account and cannot be used with a credit card. Otherwise, there are no other requirements needed to qualify. For step by step instructions with photos on how to sign up for and use this service with online booking, click the button below. Then click option 11) Using Vagaro Pay Later from the menu.
  • New Client Discount- Up to 20%
    Enjoy up to 20% off on your first visit! Book online and use promo code: WELCOME Alternately, book via phone, text, or email and let us know it's your first time. We'll apply the discount for you! Contact us: 443-814-9788 (text or call)
  • Regular Sales and Career Field Discounts
    We send out once-a-month emails with promo codes for holidays and pop-up sales that anyone can use, as well as career field discounts. Almost every month, we've got a little (or big) something in store for our clients. (Keep an eye out for specials around these Holidays & Celebrations...) New Years Lunar New Year Juneteenth, Pride Month, Summer Solstice, Father's Day Halloween, Samhain Diwali, Thanksgiving The Winter Bundle: Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa For career field discounts, please email To let us know you'd like to redeem your promotional pricing. No proof of employment, badge, licensure or otherwise is required. These specials operate on an honor system. However, only one career field can be chosen for you to receive the discount, even if you work in multiple fields. Each field is designated a month in which the discounts can be redeemed. The calendar will be posted below in the near future, so that you can find out when your field receives its benefits with us.
  • Bundle Packages
    Pay for more than one service up front and get a steep discount on each service. The larger the package, the greater the discount. Schedule at your convenience with no expiration. Want to buy a bundle but can't pay all at once? Use the Vagaro Pay Later option at checkout to pay, interest free, over 6 weeks. Click the button below, then go to the Memberships and Packages Tab to See Bundle Offers- Save $21-$480+ For detailed instructions with photos on how to purchase and use the bundle packages via the online booking system, click the button below and select option "9) Buying & Using a Package or Service to Use Later" from the menu. Alternately, you can request to purchase a bundle in office at your next appointment, and we will do the transaction and scheduling for you.
  • Financial Aid Tokens
    If you're experiencing hard times, use the promotion code below or speak with your practitioner to see if a financial aid token is available. Available in limited numbers each month. No application or proof of income required, this is based on an honor system. If you feel you need assistance accessing medical massage or energy work and cannot otherwise afford it, you may use one of these tokens. For repeated access if you need a series of services, ask your practitioner about money saving options. For Massage only: 30 minutes for $30 or 60 minutes for $60 code: JELLYFISH85 For Reiki or Energy Work only: 60 minutes for $45 code: JIKIDENCREW85 If the codes are unable to be applied, all tokens for the month may have been claimed, and you may try again next month or contact Jonathan for assistance at .
  • Do I have to undress to get a massage?
    No, you do not have to undress to receive most forms of massage. No massage therapist should ever require you to undress beyond your comfort level for any massage. However, some modalities (massage techniques) can only be done on skin and cannot be done through clothes. It helps to know that: There are many various modalities we offer that can be done fully clothed (myofascial release, compression, shiatsu, acupressure, and many more) For modalities that must be done directly on skin and require undressing, you will be asked to dress down to your comfort level. This means that we will address only areas that you feel comfortable with. For modalities requiring direct contact with skin, people may receive massages partially clothed, leaving areas covered that will not be part of the massage. The amount of clothing removed is entirely your choice. Any time that clothing is removed for a massage, and often even when still clothed, you will be draped with blankets and sheets, so that only the area being worked on is exposed, and nothing else. There is more explanation of this process below under "What is draping?"
  • What is draping?
    Draping is a method of protecting your privacy by covering any area of the body that is not being worked on with sheets and blankets. For example, if performing Swedish massage on the leg, the sheets will be wrapped securely so that only the leg will be exposed during this part of the session. It will be covered again before moving on with the treatment. During a massage where clothing has been removed, draping may be used to prevent direct contact with skin. For example, massage of the glute (buttocks) muscles can greatly help with lower back or leg pain. Rather than exposing the glute, compression can be used over top of the blanket and sheet, avoiding direct contact with the skin. This ensures comfort for both client and therapist via the use of physical boundaries. We use gender neutral draping in recognition of all gender identities and also as protocol for trauma informed care. For example, while face up on the massage table, or if abdominal massage is being performed, we drape the chest/breast area on every client. When receiving massage while lying on your side, especially for pregnancy massage or during some joint mobility stretches, additional draping, such as pillowcases, towels, and more sheets can be used to ensure full coverage throughout the treatment. If you would like more blankets, additional draping, or heavier draping at any time during a session, it is available upon request. Some also like the security of a weighted blanket, which is available upon request. If draping becomes sweaty or too hot, the temperature of the room can be adjusted, lighter weight draping may be available, or the table heater can be turned off. Note that draping is still required for your privacy during any massage where clothing has been removed, but we have lightweight linens available for those who run hot and may be uncomfortable under a standard blanket. Below are some examples of draping for the abdomen, legs, arms, and back on a person who is side lying and face up.
  • Is my health information protected?
    All of your health information is protected under the federal law HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This means your health information cannot be shared with others unless it is being shared securely between providers for your treatment. If you authorize the sharing of health information, it can be provided to family members or loved ones. If you want to authorize a loved one to receive information regarding your healthcare or treatment, we will provide a form that you can sign to authorize this disclosure. Otherwise, information would only be shared upon court order. You have the ability to access your own records upon request. If you need records from a session for a court date or legal purposes, for your own recordkeeping, or to have on your person, contact us by email or phone and we will provide you with a copy. More information on HIPAA can be found by clicking the button below: ​
  • What are my service options if I do not want to get undressed, or I want massage but not a full body massage?
    Options that can be performed through clothes are: Custom Therapeutic Session- This session is customized to your needs and includes any variety of clothed medical or spa techniques that may help you. (eg. myofascial release, compression, neuromuscular techniques, shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, craniosacral techniques, and more) Compression Hand/Foot/Neck Express Enhancements like hand and foot scrubs, scalp massage, aromatherapy, heat packs, and many more Reiki Some of the only modalities that require direct contact with skin are Swedish, deep tissue, and some techniques within lymphatic drainage. The first two use oil and gliding, while the latter requires light pressure on the skin to pull fascia or move lymph fluid. Some enhancements like cupping and hot towels (due to moisture), may also require direct contact with the skin. However, there are always alternatives available to these methods. ​ If you are wearing a T-shirt and/or shorts and want an oil massage, but not full body, Swedish and deep tissue can be used on the legs, neck, and arms as part of a Custom Therapeutic session. A full body session usually covers: front and back of arms front and back of legs neck shoulders back hands feet glutes (via compression over blankets only) pectoralis muscles of chest (breast tissue on all genders remains covered with blankets) based on preference: the scalp, face, and abdomen may be included With this in mind, a session never has to be a full body session unless you would like it to be. We ask in our intakes to establish which areas you would like to receive massage on and which areas you do not want to receive massage on. Communication is open for you to change your mind at any time. Our sessions are designed for you to have full control over this, and we will find a flow that works for you. Requests to focus only on a specific area or to avoid a specific area are never a burden on your therapist. We always appreciate and respect you voicing your comfort zones with us. ​
  • Is the environment private and secure?
    Yes. Massages will be done in a room with no visibility to others to ensure your privacy. To preserve your autonomy to exit at any time, the door to the treatment room will not be locked. There will be notices on the door when in session so that others do not enter during your treatment.
  • 8) Meditative Tranquility ~ $12
    Add 10 minutes. Before your session starts, settle in by laying on the heated table with a 10 minute guided meditation, aromatherapy experience, acupressure, energy work, and/or scalp massage.
  • 6) Scalp Spa with Argan or Herbal Oil ~ $15
    Add 15 minutes. Soothe your scalp with Moroccan Argan oil or oil infused with Rosemary, Tea Tree, or Ayurvedic herbs like Neem, Amla, and Bhringaraj when available. Applied section by section and massaged in. Oil companies are checked for ethical sourcing.
  • 4) Foot or Hand Scrub ~ $7
    Add 5 minutes. Locally crafted scrubs are applied to your choice of feet or hands with invigorating Swedish massage techniques for enhanced circulation, and hot toweled off.
  • 10) Lymphatic Invigoration ~ $20
    Add 15 minutes. Manual lymphatic drainage, deep breathing, acupressure, and abdominal massage stimulate lymphatic movement. Aids in congestion and allergies, Meniere's disease symptoms, immune function, reducing chronic inflammation, reducing swelling and fluid retention, and more. Note: Clinical lymphatic drainage for injuries, surgeries, or underlying health conditions may require extra attention. This add on is best used for mild congestion, feelings of puffiness and bloating, immune support, and small amounts of swelling and fluid build up. If you need a session dedicated towards lymphatic drainage (post op, post injury, moderate to severe swelling, etc) and have a clinical underlying cause, please book a Custom Therapeutics Session. We will discuss your needs during the intake and utilize that massage time for targeted and in depth lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • 9) Paraffin Treatment: Hand, Foot, or Joints ~ $12
    Add 10 minutes. The heat from this healing wax can ease arthritis pain, and leaves your skin feeling silky. It is brushed on while warm, then wrapped and cradled in heat packs to soothe the tissues.
  • 3) Back and Arm Scrub ~ $25
    Add 15 minutes. Locally crafted scrubs are applied to the back and arms with invigorating Swedish massage techniques for enhanced circulation, and hot toweled off.
  • 5) Reiki, Energy Healing, Spirit Healing ~ $25
    Add 15 minutes. Turn your massage service into a two-in-one: massage + Energy Healing. Includes your customized combination of traditional Reiki healing, Ayurvedic techniques, Chakra balancing, Aura sweeping, Five Element Theory from Chinese medicine, and/or plant and natural medicines. Note: We add 15 minutes to extend your total session time, but the ratio of massage to energy work within your total session time can be customized based on your personal needs and goals for the session.
  • 1) Custom Herbal Blend Face Massage ~ $20
    Add 15 minutes. Ayurvedic herbal oils, lymphatic and marma point massage to reduces swelling, cooling stone tools and hot towels Techniques learned from Mrs. Jayshree Rathod. See her gorgeous Ellicott City spa, Vedic Spa, by clicking here.
  • 7) Nest and Nap ~ $15 or $27
    Add 15 or 30 minutes. Enjoy the room to yourself after your session, cradled in the blankets and serene soundscapes to nap, meditate, or "come to" slowly. Towelettes, spray deodorant, dry shampoo, lotion, hair ties, or facial wipes provided. Snacks or beverages may also be available.
  • 2) Leg Scrub ~ $25
    Add 15 minutes. Locally crafted scrubs are applied to the front and back of legs with invigorating Swedish massage techniques for enhanced circulation, and hot toweled off.
  • Preference for a Male or Female Massage Therapist
    Some patients prefer to be treated by a male therapist or female therapist due to religious or personal reasons, and that is entirely understandable. Note from Owner (Jonathan): Currently I am the only massage practitioner at Sanctuary Repose. I am a very androgynous and genderfluid person by nature emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually, and physically. In order to help you make an informed decision in your care, I disclose that my assigned sex at birth is female, but I am hormonally male and have had gender affirming procedures on the upper half of my body. I regularly wear clothes considered traditionally masculine as well as clothes considered traditionally feminine as I feel suits me. My pronouns are he/him or they/them. Some patients feel guided religiously or personally to choose practitioners based on assigned sex at birth, while others feel inclined to choose based on gender identity or expression. I personally disclose the above information about myself to leave that decision up to you as the patient. I will not be offended either way. I am comfortable treating patients of any gender as long as they are comfortable and my pronouns and being are respected. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.
  • Liability Waiver
    A copy of this waiver is to be signed before beginning treatment with us here at Sanctuary Repose. We also post it here on the website so that you can access it and read it at any time. Massage therapy can be used as an effective supplemental treatment for many conditions, but it is NOT a replacement for treatments prescribed by physicians. I understand that information provided by the massage therapist is educational only, not diagnostic or prescriptive. If I become pregnant at any time, it is my responsibility to inform the massage therapist before the session begins. Some techniques are not safe for unborn children. Pregnancy massage cannot be performed here until the second trimester. If the massage therapist feels that massage therapy will be unsafe or not beneficial based on medical history given, treatment will not continue. A referral to an appropriate provider will be issued whenever possible. If a specific technique is unsafe for my health, an alternative will be provided when possible. I must communicate any pain or discomfort during the session so that the massage therapist is able to make adjustments for me. I have read and I agree to abide by the Late Policy, Refund and Payment Policy, Conduct policy, Patient Responsibilities, Patient Rights, and Cancellation/No Show Policies. These policies and HIPAA/Privacy information are given during initial intake and available anytime upon request. I understand that massage therapy is therapeutic and non-sexual in nature. I understand that making threatening or sexual comments will cause me to be cancelled as a client entirely and the session will be stopped immediately. Both I and the massage therapist reserve the right to discontinue or stop the session at any time. Risks associated with massage therapy include, but are not limited to superficial bruising, short term muscle soreness, and exacerbation of undiscovered injuries or illnesses. I release the massage therapist from liability concerning these risks. The massage therapist is not liable for any incident related to medical conditions or changes that are not reported before the session begins. If the patient is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present in the treatment room for the entire session. No exceptions. I hereby state that my participation in massage therapy sessions provided by Sanctuary Repose, LLC following the signing of this waiver is voluntary. I have read and understand this waiver, and release Sanctuary Repose, LLC, its staff, and its practitioner(s) from any and all liability, past, present, and future related to massage therapy.
  • Massage for Children and Minors
    Massage can be very beneficial to children with health conditions, just as it can to adults. We are more than willing to work with children with a present legal guardian or authorized adult during the entirety of the session. We can provide plushies, soundtracks, sensory objects, activity books, and patterned sheets to help little ones settle down comfortably. Objects like this can be helpful for children, people with autism spectrum disorders, and other sensory disorders to enjoy massage while engaging other senses. The tactile sensation of massage then becomes less overwhelming. Usually pediatric sessions are shorter than adult sessions, and we can create custom timing when needed. During intake, we will ask for the child's health history, the goals of treatment, and the best methods of communication for your child so that they can also give feedback during the session. ​ Requirements when scheduling an appointment for a child: Let us know ahead of time (by phone or email) that the patient is a minor. We will provide electronic forms for the legal guardian to sign stating that they will be present. Contact Us: 443-814-9788 (text or call) We understand that in some situations and family dynamics, the parent of a child or their legal guardian may struggle to be present during the session. In this case they may want an aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc to fill in as the guardian present. In these situations, the legal guardian must sign a form authorizing a specific trusted adult to be dedicated responsibility for the child on that day. The name and personal information of that adult, relationship to child, and reason for non-attendance of the legal guardian can be stated, and appointment scheduling will proceed as normal with responsibility for the child being dedicated to the adult assigned on the paperwork. If complex family structure does not allow for the legal guardian to sign paperwork for the child, and the child is in need of medical massage therapy, please contact us at the information above. We will determine solutions on a case by case basis.
  • Behavior Policy: Jokes, Requests, and Comments About Sexual Services
    Jokes, comments, and requests about "happy ending massage" or other sexual services are not tolerated. Your session and client rights will be terminated. You will be charged the full service price and dismissed from the facility. It is important for genuine therapeutic practices to be respected so that medicinal services can be offered in a safe environment. Sexualizing non-sexual massage therapy services damages the safety and reputation of therapeutic environments, and contributes to a culture of oversexualization of the human body. ​ Furthermore, many sex workers at facilities that front as "spas" are victims of human trafficking. If you are seeking sex work, Sanctuary Repose does NOT participate in these actions, AND we encourage you to consider the fact that the individuals at other facilities you do solicit services from may not be able to truly consent. Seeking services from victims of human trafficking results in lasting trauma to these individuals and contributes to a system of slavery. Not all individuals involved in human trafficking feel safe to come forward or have the terminology to express the depth of their situation. You are responsible for the management of your sexual needs in a way that does not harm other people, and we encourage you to reflect deeply on your impact on the world. ​ Do not contact Sanctuary Repose seeking sexual services. Do not try to disguise your requests for sexual services as requests for legitimate services to coerce staff members. Sexual harassment of staff members will result in legal action that holds you accountable for the damage you cause. Learn about human trafficking in other facilities that front as spas, and respect the legitimacy and non-sexual therapeutics of true spas and healing spaces such as Sanctuary Repose. DO BETTER. If you are a victim of human trafficking looking for help and resources, or if you want to learn how to help victims of human trafficking, view and support resources by clicking here and here.
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act): Privacy and Confidentiality
    This is a healthcare facility, therefore all of your health information is private and protected under the HIPAA law. If you would like to release your health information to any entity, you must fill out a release form to document your consent. Your information cannot be shared with anyone else unless by court summons or if it is being used by another provider to actively treat you (such as a doctor you are seeing calling to get information about your massage therapy health notes). You also have access to the medical notes taken after the session upon your request. They are valid medical documents, and if you wish, you can share them with other providers if you are struggling to get a diagnosis and want to show a physician what we have documented (we cannot diagnose but we can provide notes on physical observations that may be helpful), or if you want to coordinate care between providers. You can also use them in court if you deem it necessary. Click the download button to the right of the file below for a copy of the full Notice of Privacy Practices in English. Haga clic en el botón de descarga a la derecha del archivo a continuación para obtener una copia del Aviso de prácticas de privacidad completo en español.
  • Important Info for Incoming Clients / Patients
    If you have known health conditions, please provide all information on the intake form such as surgical history, diagnoses, symptoms regardless of a recognized diagnosis, history of severe injury, medications, and/or relevant medical records. If you are pregnant please let us know before the start of your session. A doctor's note approving the safety of massage as a treatment may be required to ensure your protection in rare cases of some complex health conditions. If you need access to resources for other healthcare needs that we do not provide, we can assist in finding an appropriate provider and referral, or in finding affordable and accessible options for non-emergencies. If you are an existing patient and need access to your massage therapy medical records for a legal case, or to transfer them to another provider, please contact us by phone or email.
  • Patient Rights
    You may request the notes taken after your sessions as valid medical documents. You may request assistance with, but not limited to: any accessibility needs, billing an accepted insurance for your service, getting referrals for appropriate care, navigating the medical system, understanding services and modalities, and payment options. You may ask any questions that will help you understand massage therapy, its benefits to you, expectations with care, treatment plan suggestions, and anything that will assist in your care and wellbeing. You may make suggestions to better the practice at any time in person or via phone or email. Your health information will be kept private and confidential at all times. See the HIPAA/Privacy and Confidentiality policy. You have the right to autonomy, and may stop the session at any time you wish. If any massage techniques cause discomfort, the session will be adjusted to your needs upon communication. You may request for additional draping at any time during the session for your comfort. Information about massage draping and its use for your privacy and security can be found on the FAQ page. You have the right to safe space, with your visit and therapeutic massage services free of any discrimination or judgement. While we cannot diagnose conditions, you may discuss any health concerns with your therapist so that it can be documented, and you can be referred appropriately when necessary. You have the right to language translation services for the ease of your session. We aim to provide resources for navigation of the medical system, insurance coverage, effects of massage therapy on health conditions, community specific outreach, coordinating care for complex condition, and much more. If you are struggling with medical care in any way and would like resources, please contact us and we will provide you with any info we have that may help.
  • Patient Responsibilities
    You have read and understand your rights, responsibilities, the liability waiver, and policies and procedures. You must inform the massage therapist of any changes to your health, pregnancy, or allergies before your session begins. Bring your Epinephrine/Epipen/Auvi-Q with you if you have known allergies. If your child or a minor for which you are responsible is receiving massage, you or an authorized adult listed on paperwork signed by a legal guardian will be present in the treatment room at all times. You must communicate pain or discomfort so that the therapist can make adjustments for your comfort. You must obtain medical clearance from your physician to receive massage therapy before beginning sessions, and a doctors note if required for safety reasons. If you would like your health information sent to any other facilities, individuals, or third parties you must request and fill out the appropriate release forms for your privacy and protection. You must arrive within a timely manner to receive the full length of your service (See late and no show policies). Inform us before the start of your session if you cannot make it on time. You must abide by the conduct policy to uphold the safety of this space. You are responsible for your payments for each service at or before the time of service. Lack of payment will result in the inability to complete the session. (See Refund and Payment Policy) You are responsible for billing your own insurance company for reimbursement if you choose that payment route, and must request needed documents from us. Do not assume coverage before checking in with your insurance company's policy. If you would like to know more information or would like clarification about a treatment, any of the policies or written material, or in general, you are responsible for asking the needed questions for your understanding.
  • Cancellation / No Show Policy
    Cancellation before the day of treatment is free of charge. Your appointment can be rescheduled for free or you may be refunded your 10% scheduling deposit. If you have not canceled at least 8 hours before a pre-paid treatment: Please call to let us know that you are unable to make it to the appointment. Each session requires a great deal of preparation. Refunds are discussed per situation and cancellation frequency. If you do not reach out before your appointment start time to inform us that you cannot make it to the appointment ("no call, no show"): We ask that you please reschedule at least 8 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 50% the price of your scheduled appointment. Three no shows without informing us may result in your cancellation as a client. If you are running late: We always try to reach out if you have not arrived within 10-15 minutes of your session start time. Sessions are automatically cancelled if you do not arrive within 15 minutes of start time and have not contacted us to communicate your estimated arrival. Because we operate by appointment only, the therapist may leave the facility if there are no other clients on the books and you have not arrived or responded within the 15 minute window of your session start. If you contact us to let us know you are running behind, we will always do our best to accommodate by completing your session for the remaining time left in your appointment or helping you to reschedule as soon as possible.
  • Payment & Refund Policies
    Payments: A 10% deposit is obtained at booking to hold your appointment spot. The remaining payment is due at or before the time of service. Service will not be provided without receiving payment. Refunds: Refunds are issued only in response to therapist error on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the therapist late to your session, you may receive a partial refund. If the therapist needs to cancel a session that you've paid for, you will be refunded for services you did not receive. If we forgot to incorporate an enhancement, you will be refunded for that enhancement. In the case that you ordered one service and want to change it to another service, we can change your session to whatever fits your needs, and you will be refunded or charged the difference between what you paid and the modality that you receive.
  • COVID-19 Safety
    Your safety is our priority. We perform all treatments while wearing a mask, filtering the air with a HEPA filter, and sanitizing the entire treatment area before and after each service. Currently clients are recommended to wear masks when face up on the table, but it is not required. Regardless staff will remain masked at all times. We screen for symptoms before each session for the safety of ourselves, yourself, and all other patients. All clients are asked to reschedule your appointment if you have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc). You will not be penalized for any cancellations regarding sudden illness, as it is an appreciated form of protection in preventing the spread to others. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
  • Late Policy
    Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. There is no penalty for not arriving early, but it gives a good time cushion to ensure that you can maximize your treatment time. If you arrive after the treatment time begins, the treatment will still end at its designated appointment time to keep other clients on schedule, which will leave your session short. There is no penalty fee, but you will be paying full price for a session that you did not receive your full time for. Please do your best to arrive on time! ​
  • Pregnant Clients
    Please inform us that you are expecting before the session begins for your safety. We perform prenatal massage after the first trimester. Relaxation and stress relief during pregnancy can be immensely helpful for both parent and your little one. Pregnancy massages here are safe spaces LGBTQIA+ parents of all genders.
  • Allergy Alert!
    We use oils and aromatherapy from various sources (ingredient lists available upon request), and some may contain nut-derived and other ingredients. Snacks may also be offered within the facility. While the environment is sanitized before and after every session, and aromatherapy is only provided with informed consent, oils and topicals may still be stored in the treatment area. Inform us of all major known allergies to foods, medications, or topicals before you arrive for your treatment, and we will discuss which options and ingredients are safest for you. If you have experienced anaphylaxis in the past, please bring your Epi-Pen/ Epinephrine/ Auvi-Q to the session as a precaution.
  • General Conduct Policy
    There will be no toleration of words or behavior that is discriminatory, sexual in nature, or threatening in nature. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Behavior that poses any risk to staff or to other clients will not be tolerated. The consequence of breaking this policy, based on the severity of the action, will result in: Cancellation of the client/therapist relationship (you will no longer be allowed to return as a client) A lawsuit And/or any other necessary action to protect staff and patients ​
  • Can coaching help me with my trauma?
    There is power in experience. Just as the experience of traumatic events impacts our present, building and experiencing a new balance in life goes beyond "thinking". It can change our future. We'd love to help you live your healing process. Operating from the beliefs of trauma informed care, we believe most people have experienced some form of trauma. We do not interact with or analyze the trauma itself, rather we start with the mental and physical responses to the trauma that frame the individual's current experience. Coaching helps clients become aware of their present state, their involuntary reactions, and the control that lies within their voluntary actions. The creation of a manageable, completely personalized plan to initiate new mindsets and ways of living can be powerful and cycle-breaking. Note that any discussions of trauma are client-initiated, and coaching does not dig towards the past or aim to “uncover” traumas. We also allow clients to self-determine what pieces of their life they deem traumatic. We do not diagnose or label trauma for clients. Rest assured that you can share what you'd like without ever disclosing more than you choose to. Some clients want to share their past because it feels liberating to be heard in a safe space, while others feel that sharing the past resurfaces negativity. There are no requirements for how much needs to be shared to create a successful session. We honor each individual’s needs and adjust the sessions accordingly, either by holding space for your experiences and emotions to foster understanding, or by starting directly from current impacts. Someone might choose coaching if they want to incorporate the following in overcoming their responses to trauma: Recovering sense of identity, self image, purpose, and autonomy (the ability to direct your own life, decisions, and think for yourself) Rebuilding a sense of belonging, community, or connection Safe, judgment free space to feel and express difficult emotions and be heard Creating a sense of emotional, environmental, or bodily safety Navigating trust within yourself and/or others Envisioning a liberated future Exploring the purposes of both victimhood and empowerment, and ways to move between the two Experiencing presence when feeling "stuck in your head" Finding and using your unique strengths to create confidence Connecting with other resources, including novel approaches to trauma work from various fields Modifying old perspectives to reframe the view of your present and future Generating sustainable self compassion through subtle changes in thought patterns and behaviors Using meditation, breathwork, or bodywork*** as tools to interact with responses of your nervous system, relearn presence, and assist in feelings of “emptiness”, “heaviness”, or “missing pieces” within the body If a client wants to utilize spirituality (of any background) or energy work to promote healing, these options can be incorporated into the session ***(Before using any of these frameworks from our other healing backgrounds, we will ALWAYS ask for your consent and describe what the methods entail. We do not choose these options for our clients or ever require that they are a part of your coaching session.) In order to release the hold of trauma, some need to let go, others need to integrate, some need to stay in the depths for a moment before it's the right time to move on, others just need to be heard, and some need medical treatment. In coaching there is plenty of space to explore what will help you fall in love with life again.
  • Can coaching help me with my mental illness?
    While coaching is not a clinical service, cannot provide diagnoses, and is not treatment for mental health conditions, the process leads to tangible changes in daily systems, behaviors, environments, and mindsets. Many people with mental health conditions experience improvements through this process. We can tailor sessions as supportive care for your specific mental and physical health history. For some, their mental health conditions are chronic, others situational, adaptive, physical or congenital. Each coaching session is adapted to your reality, aiding you in developing a sense of empowerment that makes sense for your situation. Even individuals that share the same diagnoses will have different needs. Information from your conditions can be combined with personal interests and circumstances to keep the coaching process relevant, accessible, and reachable. Living with mental illness impacts life, and life also impacts mental illness. The growing levels of stress and pressure in our society often contribute to or exacerbate mental illness, which has led to a growing nationwide crisis. Many individuals are struggling with feelings of disconnection, fear, exhaustion, and hopelessness that, in the face of unchanging conditions, develop into or worsen mental health conditions. Mental health coaches are beginning to serve an important role in addressing these often overlooked, non-medical factors to wellbeing, helping clients to recognize when additional medical care is needed, and increasing access to resources. Depending on your mental health needs, you might consider working with a coach to assist in… Exploring your relationship with your mental health conditions, and their impacts on identity and personal empowerment/ability Acknowledging difficult emotions and challenges (Re)connection with yourself, your identity, and others Preserving and recovering autonomy Optimizing daily activities and environments to your mental health needs and abilities Rebuilding trust after medical trauma Connecting to a vision of future Developing a healthy, realistic scope of control Addressing factors of burnout Optimizing support systems Developing a sense of fulfillment Recognizing and uncovering strengths from your present reality Reconnecting with a sense of purpose and personal values Developing life paths and relationships that align with your needs Moving from survival mode to intentional living Overcoming the challenges of feeling outcasted, misunderstood, or isolated Moving forward when feeling stuck or in the past Finding personalized ways through social, economic, environmental, and other contributing factors Expanding knowledge of available resources and creating a care team It is also extremely helpful when suffering with mental illness to feel seen, understood, and safe. It can be hard to find a genuinely judgment-free space, and coaching aims to be that. Sometimes the greatest benefits of coaching come simply from having a dynamic where you are met with compassion, respect, belief, and unconditional positive regard. If you’d like our insight as bodywork professionals, we may also incorporate some mind-body therapeutics or meditation with your consent. Clients sometimes find that this integrated approach alleviates a feeling of internal war between their body and mind. There may also be circumstances in which this somatic approach can help with physical or emotional symptoms and restore a sense of control. Some also find energy work and/or the incorporation of spirituality beneficial for their mental health. We always ask permission before giving any input or utilizing any healing frameworks outside of coaching. Note for those interested in meditation: We practice from a variety of styles. Some styles of meditation don’t mesh well with specific conditions, so we take these factors into consideration and try to help individuals find techniques that work for them. Some may look like your common mindfulness meditations, others may be more simple, abstract, or from specific cultural frameworks. What specific conditions can coaching help with? Because coaching is not a medical treatment, it’s not aimed at any specific conditions. But its impacts can useful to a wide range of mental health experiences. We’ve worked with clients that have ADHD, autism, addictions, anxiety, borderline personality disorder (BPD), bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, dissociative symptoms, and many more forms of mental illness and neurodivergence, in which the clients were able to successfully attain their desired outcomes from coaching. What if I start and it doesn't work? What if I need medical care? Whether you choose to go the medical route, coaching route, or both, we always support you in doing what feels right. If you begin coaching and you feel that the process has not been helpful, or that you need medical attention as well, we’re always happy to support you in connecting with clinical resources. You can opt to end coaching at any time. Our goal in this practice is to support holistic health, or treating a person as a whole, and completely encourage building your optimal team of practitioners and tools regardless of if we are a part of that journey. If you’re seeking clinical care, trying to get diagnosed, or need medical treatment, here’s some quick tips… 😄Psychologists have strengths in performing diagnostic testing and making diagnoses. 😊Therapists or Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) have strengths in applying mental health therapies, providing care at regular intervals, and talk therapy. 😃Psychiatrists can prescribe medication for diagnoses. You can visit to browse mental healthcare professionals. The website allows you to filter based on demographics, specialty, insurance, and location. It is helpful to read your chosen providers profile to gauge if they will have good professional chemistry for your needs. When is coaching NOT a good option? Do not start with coaching if you are planning to do yourself or others any harm, or if you are experiencing hallucinations or psychosis (losing touch with reality). In these cases, the above symptoms don’t allow for a successful coaching process until these conditions have been medically managed. If this applies to you please call 911 and ask for Emergency Medical Services, or visit your nearest hospital Emergency Room for an evaluation. You’ll want to inform the paramedics and your provider if you have any intent to harm yourself or anyone else, or in the case of psychosis and hallucinations, what you’ve been seeing, hearing, or feeling. Coaching can be helpful to people experiencing addiction, but you must not be under the influence of any mind altering substances at the time of your sessions. This is for consent, safety, and functionality purposes. If you need 📞Crisis Assistance or feel suicidal📞, you can reach a confidential crisis hotline or text line by calling/texting 988. If you need to obtain urgent, outpatient clinical care, you may consider visiting a Psychiatric Urgent Care center like those listed here:
  • What's the difference between coaching and therapy? Which one do I need?
    Coaching and therapy are two fundamentally different methods of care. Neither are superior to the other, but each has its strengths and is a much better match for some people than its counterpart. Some similarities are obvious. Both techniques involve talking with another person, sharing your story, and reflection. Other similarities and differences are more nuanced. We'll try to break that down in a nutshell. Therapy Therapy is provided by a licensed healthcare professional with a background in various forms of psychology, and sometimes sociology. Their skills can aid you as you move through life, but also help clinically. They can diagnose health conditions, and provide sets of clinical treatments (like CBT, DBT, EMDR, etc) to treat those conditions and their symptoms. They have strengths in past analysis, and the social dynamic is typically that of professional and patient. For this reason, the therapist provides more guidance in the session direction and treatment paths. Coaching Coaching has strengths in behavioral psychology. These services are nonclinical, nondiagnostic, and non-prescriptive. The social dynamic is highly interactive, and meant to invoke consistent thought and input from the client. Rather than administering therapies, the benefits of the conversations emerge from the reciprocity of the client’s interests and needs with the insight from their coach’s background, questions, reflectional skillset. Coaching often also utilizes various forms of philosophy, values, and overall wellness assessments to aid clients. Coaches have strengths in helping clients gain tangible, doable forms of change in mind and body to move in a direction that feels right to them. It can be described as a forward-moving framework. Areas of Overlap Some of the coaching techniques used to aid in behavior, mindset, and life change have roots in various branches of psychology and mental health therapeutics, but coaches do not administer therapy. Most often therapists do not administer coaching, but some therapy practitioners may choose to take a coaching approach that also highlights forward movement and client independence in their therapy process. Coaching is not past-focused, but the past can be reflected upon, brought up, and utilized in coaching. It is often a strong tool of recognition in understanding yourself, and sometimes necessary before taking the next step in life. However coaches will not ask questions related to the past very often or go too deeply down those routes, as it removes the trajectory of the session from that which is in the client’s tangible control. On the flip side, in therapy, clients often want or need more time and deeper diving to understand the why’s of their behavior or current state, and so therapists are trained to guide the past analysis process. Most therapy methods also focus on inward change by giving clients tools for thought and emotional management. For this reason, it’s less common for therapists to utilize a future-focused session that delves into envisionment and step-by-steps on more outward change creation, but it is sometimes used in therapy for generating hope and direction. Conclusion: Both are powerful modalities of interaction that can bring healing. Some clients do much better with one over the other, while others benefit from both. Sometimes, timing is also key, and certain clients will benefit starting with one process before the other. We always recommend building your dream team of professionals, and branching out to all forms of therapeutics that help you get where you’d like to be. You can stop coaching at any time. If you begin with us and you feel that therapy (or another healing method) is a better match, we're happy to assist you in finding a different provider. Safety Notice: If you feel you need urgent clinical help, are experiencing any form of hallucinations or psychosis (losing touch with reality), or have any intent to do yourself harm, seek clinical help first. In these cases, you'll want to dial emergency services (911) and/or visit your nearest hospital to get a quicker evaluation. To reach a Crisis Hotline: Dial 988
  • What is trauma? Expanding the understanding of trauma and its effects on the body...
    Traumas are difficult pieces of the past that still affect an individual in the present. It can oftentimes prevent a person from moving on in life with a sense of control and direction. The following is a simplified segment of the ways neurology and evolutionary psychology explain trauma. To see more about coaching’s effects on trauma, select “Can coaching help me with my trauma?” from the FAQ menu. When someone experiences trauma, even when the event (or series of small, repetitive events) ends, the feeling of threat does not always go away. Our body and mind hold onto it to protect us against future threats. However, when our bodies get stuck sensing a threat, the involuntary part of our nervous system remains in the sympathetic (activated, hypervigilant) state, which can lead to lasting mental and physical effects. It begins to impact our perceptions and quality of life. We may feel chronically on edge, mistrustful, anxious, angry, out of touch with ourselves, or exhausted. Other times, an individual might function well overall, but find that certain “triggers” provoke a response similar to their trauma, even if it is a disproportionate response to the present moment. For some people trauma is a major event, like a car crash or war. For others, it is chronic emotional unsafety that hides in plain sight. Early human ancestors used to rely on the nervous system’s “fight, flight, freeze, fawn” response for survival in abrupt scenarios, like escaping a predator. However, our more elaborate modern social structure comes with additional pressures, like finances, bullying, mass violence, marginalization, longer wars, forced independence, devaluing of community, mass judgments, unrealistic standards, etc. These can lead to constant feelings of “unsafety” in many individuals until they can properly unwind where the threats are coming from and tame the physical responses. Modern day “threats” are often more chronic and much less visible than they used to be. Many feelings of threat come from the idea of rejection or abandonment, because in the old days, being outcasted meant a much less likely chance of survival. This is why anything that damages a sense of belonging and healthy interdependence can damage our perception of self and wellbeing. Trauma can be passed down through generations by both nature (genetics) and nurture (older generations conditioning younger ones into unresolved trauma responses). Trauma can also be personal (physical, mental, sexual, emotional, spiritual, etc.) or collective and societal. Childhood trauma often results in unintentional adaptive responses that kept us safe before the ability to self-advocate or control a situation. However, many find that those adaptive responses don’t translate well into adulthood, and may even perpetuate a sense of helplessness rather than control in life. For example, learning to read and “people-please” an emotionally unregulated parent may have saved a child from emotional or physical harm, but as an adult, they find it is impractical and damaging to be as hypervigilant and involved in the emotions of other adults. A person in this situation may struggle to let go of control of others’ responses to them (which are ultimately uncontrollable), and want to work on reframing what they can change to restore autonomy. Coaching can help clients reconnect with a healthy sense of control wherever they deem necessary. The nervous system is oftentimes the ticket to stepping out of a trauma response by utilizing skills to come to the present moment both physically and mentally. To break the cycle of remaining in past states and patterns, and to learn a new forward direction away from those cycles. It also helps to expand the idea of what safety looks like. We all need food, water, and shelter. But to thrive, humans also find safety in community, compassion, autonomy, open expression, and so on. These are areas where coaching can be a powerful tool. Note regarding sexual trauma: This is a sex positive environment, meaning we allow clients to discuss this element of their wellbeing for healing purposes without shame or discrimination, to the extent which the client chooses. You are never required to say anything more than you choose to and you won't be asked questions to initiate a discussion of this nature. These discussions are always client-initiated. We also understand that some clients decide to report damaging sexual experiences to law enforcement and others do not. Coaches do not choose your direction for you, they help you gauge your own sense of direction. You will never be pressed to handle your situation in a way that does not feel safe and comfortable to you. You can also end a topic of discussion at any time during your session.
  • Privacy: Do I have to tell you all kinds of personal information or history? Are sessions confidential?
    In coaching, you don’t have to tell us anything that you don’t want to share. We don’t prod for information. It is a collaborative, client-focused effort, meaning the client has a much greater role in directing the focus of the session than the coach. The coach can help you narrow topics down into manageable pieces, or help you get centered, but ultimately you will choose the direction. We may ask for information in our intake that could be helpful to us, and you are free to disclose (if you choose to) your health history, other care providers, or general life information. This can help us provide you the highest level of care by considering a wide-range of factors. Unlike some social media coaches, we do not believe that having existing conditions prevents one from wellness, or even that the conditions must be eliminated. Instead, we help people find the vision of ideal wellness that works for them and their individual reality. We also don’t believe in utilizing health history towards judgment of a person in any way, nor will we aim a session in that direction if it’s not what you’d like to discuss. Even knowing the above, there may still be bits of health or personal information that you don’t want to share. Please note that in coaching, you are in no way obligated to tell us anything that you choose to keep private. Sessions are completely confidential. None of the information you provide can be shared without your written consent unless required by law. Despite coaching not being considered a medical practice, by our standard of ethics we treat coaching confidentiality the same as any other healthcare service covered by HIPAA (the privacy laws for healthcare services).
  • What is coaching? And what can it help with?
    Coaching is a care modality open to various topics in which the client directs the session path based on their current life or wellness needs. It is a collaborative effort. The coach provides open-minded space, insight, reflection, and a set of tools to aid in creating lasting changes in both the internal (mind-body) and external environments. Coaching may continue as long as the client needs, but over time, as the client practices these skills and begins to shift into their desired path to thriving, the changes often become self-sustained. You don’t need to come in feeling motivated and ready to go, nor do you need to have a clear vision of your needs when you walk in the door. If you know what you need already, great! Let’s go. But not everyone does. Some clients come with just the vague or persistent feeling that something is off, they don’t feel their best, or haven’t felt well and okay in a long time. Other times there’s a major life change, trauma, or transition blocking your view forward. In any case, we take the process at your pace, matching your energy, and we offer our tools to help you get where you’d like to be (mentally, physically, and/or spiritually) organically. Based on our background and points of familiarity, we tend to do best helping others thrive in situations related to the following categories: Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Life Transitions, Challenges, and Difficult Events Connecting with Direction and Purpose Chronic illness, Neurodivergence, and Disability Marginalized Identity Work and Liberation Overcoming Trauma (personal, generational/ancestral, or collective) Relationships (romantic, platonic, familial) General Identity Work and Liberation Accessible Fitness Holistic (both Western and Eastern) Medical Care Physical Health and Wellness Relationship with the Body Spirituality (of any background) Meditation and Mind-Body Therapeutics Personal Empowerment and Building Autonomy
  • What coaching is not...
    Coaching is not.... Telling you what to do Giving answers or advice Fixing you (we believe individuals are not broken, and that change becomes possible through their autonomous efforts) Toxic positivity, unaccepting of challenging emotions Only for "motivated people" Saving you from your struggles, unrealistic about life expectations Diagnosing illness, prescribing medicine or solutions, clinical care, or Therapy While coaching is unfortunately not a magic wand that alleviates all suffering, the structure of the practice is such that clients gain introspection, resiliency, and self-sustaining solutions throughout process. This is why the changes usually last. We operate with the goal that our clients will gain self efficacy over time, and we do not market ourselves unethically such that clients feel they need to see us forever to reach success. You choose what you'd like to gain from our services and how often you'd like us to provide our tools. We aim to help individuals figure out their own path to thrive and feel reconnected with life.

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