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Dusk to Dawn (targets depression / fatigue) 210 Minutes

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Description & Prices

Made to re-vitalize and uplift, targeted therapy for depression symptoms and fatigue: 

  • Energizing Custom massage [90 Minutes] 

  • Heat therapies of choice + Energy work included  

  • Uplifting champi style scalp massage with herbal oil [15 Minutes] 

  • Acupoint herbal face massage [15 Minutes] 

  • Citrus aromatherapy 

  • Acupoint/reflexology for personalized target areas [25 Minutes] 

  • Simple Body Polish [50 Minutes] 

  • Nest and nap w/ tea or coffee and snack [15 Minutes] 

~Savings $25  

    Depression and fatigue are conditions of depletion. Medical massage targeting the nervous system, somatic mind-body techniques, and traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and acupressure techniques from Chinese medicine are used to aid in elemental balancing and re-energizing. Whether your depression is clinical, situational, or both, the effects of this state are very physical. This service is tailored to use the body as a tool to reduce feelings of sluggishness, pain, sleep and digestive disturbances, brain fog, and can oftentimes lift feelings of mental heaviness. It helps you to recharge, giving you the advantage of being able to gradually tackle more healing actions that may have previously felt too heavy. Somatic techniques and meditations that are optional during your service can, in some cases, also help clients feel resolved of their mental stressors. 


210 Minutes ..... $300

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